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Morse Watchmans Key Control Systems Manage Access at Luxury High-Rise Condo

Keeping residents and the facility safe and secure is a serious undertaking at the Promenade Condominium. For the past 17 years, management has relied on Morse Watchmans' KeyWatcher key control and management systems to help achieve this goal.

ADT installs CEM AC2000 Access Control for High-level Security Site

ADT installs CEM AC2000 Access Control for High-level Security Site

The core of Aycliffe Secure Center‘s business is based on its ability to provide a safe and secure environment for its young residents who are between the ages of 11 and 17. It offers high quality, secure accommodation, as well as education and assessment prior to the reintegration of adolescent individuals back into the community. more
Security at the Largest  European Airfreight Hub

Security at the Largest European Airfreight Hub

The DHL Air Hub Leipzig has been in ­operation at Leipzig/Halle airport for almost five years. Along with Hong Kong and Cincinnati (USA), this is the central European hub of the worldwide airfreight division of the Deutsche Post. Just the building complex alone covers 23,000m² of hangar area and 48,000m² of warehouse space. A further 200 hectares is taken up by the apron and numerous properties. The enormous logistics center is the destination for more than 50 DHL freight aircraft every day and each night over 1,500 tonnes of freight are handled. more
900 Branches – One Holistic View of Security Situations

900 Branches – One Holistic View of Security Situations

Millennium bcp is Portugal‘s biggest private-owned bank, with a prominent position in the financial market in Portugal. It is the second Bank in terms of market share and has the country‘s largest banking distribution network. While its mission statement is to create value for customers through high quality banking and financial products and services, complying with rigorous and high standards of conduct and corporate responsibility, it was a challenge for the bank to apply the highest standards also for their security management. more
The First Line of Defense in Airport Security

The First Line of Defense in Airport Security

Due to the large and complex nature of today's airports the implementation of comprehensive security measures involves a layered strategy. This typically comprises intrusion detection, wide-area video surveillance, access control and centralized management through an integrated command and control platform. Increasing security concerns have brought about a rapid pace of change at airports, with public attention focusing more

ITE and Simons Voss to Launch Next Generation Security Technology Training Centre

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) (Republic of Singapore) has partnered up with SimonsVoss Security Technologies, a global provider of wireless access control technologies, to develop the ITE-SimonsVoss Security Technology Centre at ITE College West. In addition to establishing the training facility, SimonsVoss will also assist ITE by providing advanced training and curriculum development to faculty in the field of wireless and battery-driven access control technologies. more
Virtual receptionist solution

Virtual receptionist solution

ACTentry V-IP allows any staff member on a computer network to receive video and audio over IP directly to their computer in order to screen visitors at a building entrance and then grant or deny them access. more
How to Pick a Key Control and Asset Management System

How to Pick a Key Control and Asset Management System

Since their debut in the marketplace more than 20 years ago, automated key control systems have maintained popularity for their capacity to manage and monitor keys seamlessly. Now enhanced technology and network capability are strengthening the arguments to introduce a key control solution even further. more
Genetec Unveils Plans for Cloud-Based Security

Genetec Unveils Plans for Cloud-Based Security

Genetec enters into strategic alliance with Microsoft to develop powerful Windows Azure-based security solutions designed to bring high-end security applications to a broader market and enhance current on-premises offerings.

Genetec today unveiled its plans for bringing physical security software to the cloud. more

Optimizing Video and Access Control Integration with A Next-Generation Security Platform

Nowadays, video surveillance and access control systems require a certain level of synergy. Yet the security industry has continued to provide disparate systems, with limited communication between systems. Even today, with all the technologies available, the industry is struggling to fully succeed at building security solutions that fulfill the users' true needs-a cohesive video and access control system that is efficient, non-proprietary, and cost effective. more
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