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Merger: Dorma and Kaba - Second-Largest Access Control Supplier To Assa Abloy

Dorma and Kaba recently announced merger plans, which could have an interesting impact on the physical access-control industry in the coming years. Dorma is a provider of access solutions and related services, and the company is a global market leader in door closers, automatic door systems and glass fittings, while Kaba is a global leader for access control, enterprise data collection and key systems. more
Rapid (De)Activation of Locks in Emergency Situations

Rapid (De)Activation of Locks in Emergency Situations

While smudged makeup could be considered a minor emergency, the breakout of a fire or someone going on the rampage in a public building is a far more urgent ­situation that demands an instant reaction. SimonsVoss has enhanced their 3060 ­access control system with a solution for just such situations. more
Enlarging an Access Control System with Wireless

Enlarging an Access Control System with Wireless

The task of planning room usage within a building or factory includes forming secure areas for IT, development departments, archives and other specific industry-related areas. These often change over time and may exceed the capacity of the originally installed access control system. spoke with Chris Bone, Vice President Access Control EMEA Assa Abloy, about one of the expansion options. more
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