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Access Control: Main Building Secured in Record Time

Jan. 31, 2012
Hospital staff use their cards to log on at the twenty-five Winkhaus TimeLine Access Points.
Hospital staff use their cards to log on at the twenty-five Winkhaus TimeLine Access Points. more
Hospital staff use their cards to log on at the twenty-five Winkhaus TimeLine Access Points. Almost 700 doors in the main building and the hospital surgery department have already been ... 

Equally convenient access is also provided to special department sections such as Intermediate Care. Entry is gained via online booking readers which combine timeLine AccessPoints with access control functions. Four of them have been installed at the entrances to these areas as electronic doormen. This entry process is both easy and effective. On entering the department, employees hold their blueChip card against the timeLine

AccessPoint, which forwards the data to a central computer. If an authorised blueChip card is detected, the automatic door opens.
These four units and the other twenty-one timeLine AccessPoints also carry out other tasks in the background to ensure convenient management of the blueChip locking system. Employee cards assume an important role in this process, because they feature locking authorisations for a great many doors. When an access is booked using an employee card, an expiry period of a few hours is automatically programmed instantly. The advantage is that once a locking procedure is recorded on the central computer, these cards are then authorised to lock inside doors within the programmed time period only. This means that even if a card authorised for use on all doors has been lost, there is no longer a need to go and block its usage from individual doors manually.

All changes to locking authorisations on individual cards are instantly and conveniently programmed in the same way when access is booked. Employees thus no longer need to go to a central point at a certain time to receive their access authorisation updates, as updates are automatically transmitted to their cards when they enter the building.

Central Control
The entire electronic locking system is controlled by a central computer. Tasks which involve considerable time and effort in a mechanical locking system are quickly completed with blueChip by just pressing a few buttons on the computer keyboard. If an employee reports the loss of a key, it is quickly blocked from the system on the computer by the employee responsible in Gesundheit Nordhessen's Building and Medical Technology Department, Michael Winterstein. He is also able to manage lock authorisations just as easily.

"I was sceptical at first," says Winterstein, who already has experience with other electronic locking systems. "However, Winkhaus Software blueIntras Control provides assistance with a very intuitive user interface." It also made it easy for him to produce the locking plans for the roughly 2,500 employee cards currently in use.

Reliable Partners
Winkhaus Key Account Manager Heiko Marker and Thomas Schier from Karl Kipping GmbH are ready to provide assistance to Mr Winterstein and his colleagues with any questions that they may have regarding the system controls or the hardware. Alsfeld-based fitting specialist Kipping installed the entire system. In existence for almost 100 years, this firm employs a workforce of over sixty and is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. In cooperation with Winkhaus, the Alsfeld security experts have installed locking systems in police buildings, hospitals, city council buildings and company premises in the region.

Customised Solutions
"I am consistently very satisfied with our good partnership with Winkhaus and Kipping," states Winterstein, who is fully aware that this is the very reason why the project was completed so quickly. "These two project partners took our proposals and ideas on board and provided tailor-made solutions."

"We first developed a few features in the system together with the others involved in the project during the implementation stage, as it wasn't possible to envisage everything that was required. He cited toilet doors as an example: "The intelligent door handle set ensures that visitors cannot enter employee toilets; however, it does not allow the doors to be locked manually on the inside. Kipping employees found an effective solution for this problem. In addition to the electronic rosette, they also installed a mechanical lock which shows on the outside whether the toilet is free or not. While working on the project, the team also gave some thought to security in the patient rooms. Selected single rooms will shortly receive an electronic door handle set, which the patient will be able to operate using a blueChip key fob. This prevents unauthorised persons from entering the room when the patient is absent.

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