Jan. 26, 2018

Off the Record with Ian Moore

CEO of the Fire industry Association (FIA) Answers to all our Questions

  • Ian Moore, CEO of the Fire industry Association (FIA)Ian Moore, CEO of the Fire industry Association (FIA)

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Name: Ian Moore
Position, Company: CEO of the Fire industry Association (FIA)
Date of Birth: 2nd July 1960
Hometown: Portsmouth, England
Favourite homemade dish: Roast beef

1. The natural talent I would like to be gifted with is endless patience.
2. Guaranteed to make me laugh is someone slipping on ice!
3. Three characters I would like to have ­dinner with (dead, alive or fictional) are:

  • a. Dead – Leonardo da Vinci (most visionary person ever born)
  • b. Alive – Stephen Fry (most intelligent and interesting person I know)
  • c. Fictional – Sherlock Holmes (most intriguing character ever devised)

4. I have the completely useless talent of remembering jokes on any subject.
5. Three things that I am most grateful for in life are my family, my health, my good looks and my ability to count!
6. The best decision in my career so far is to have joined the Royal Navy at a young age.
7. If my life was a movie, I would be ­portrayed by Stan Laurel.
8. The biggest challenge for me/my industry at the moment is to define the level of required competency of people operating at every level in fire safety.
9. From the first money I earned I bought a Zenith E SLR camera.
10. My first car was a mini. I had to change the spark plugs every 2 weeks, top up the radiator every week, the door fell off outside a shop and bonnet blew off and hit the car behind me!

Still what do you expect for £50!
11. I had the opportunity to shake hands with Margaret Thatcher, the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Lee Teng-hui (President of Taiwan at the time) plus numerous sports stars.


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Fire Industry Association (FIA)
Oldfield Road
TW12 2HD Hampton, Middx.

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