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Acal BFi Germany GmbH

BFi OPTiLAS operates from a single site located in Milton Keynes. The company employs 40 people, including 20 fully specialised Field Sales Engineers.

We represent many leading suppliers that offer products that cover the following product areas:

  • Imaging & Detection: Thermal Imaging Cameras, Radiometric & Non-radiometric cameras, CCD FireWire Cameras, Detectors & Arrays, Position Sensing Detectors, InGaAs Detectors, Infrared Detectors
  • Lasers & Accessories: Lasers, Laser Safety, Modulators Scanners, Non-linear Crystals, Diagnostics Instruments, Opto-mechanics.
  • Optical Components: Optics, Filters, Precision Halogen Lamps, Arc Lamps, Light Shaping Diffusers, Shutters
  • RF MicroWave & Fibre Optics: Sources & Receivers, Passive Components, Fibre & Cable, Transmission Systems, Fibre Optic Test Equipment, Power Modules & Amplifiers GSM & GPS Modules, Switches, Oscillators & Mixers, Small Signals & Power Transistors
  • Test & Measurement: Optical Detectors & Receivers, Photometers, Radiometers, Laser Power / Energy Meters, Beam / Temporal Profile, IR Blackbody Systems
  • Interconnect, Passive & Electromechanical Components - Magnetics: Ferrite Cores & Accessories, Iron Powder Toroids, Component Headers & Mounts. Sensors Elements & Advanced Connectors: Pressure Sensors, NTC & PTC Thermistors, Humidity Sensors, Transmitter modules, Sensor probes, Test & Burn-in sockets, Coaxial Connectors



Acal BFi Germany GmbH
Oppelner Straße 5
82194 Gröbenzell
Phone: +49 (0) 8142 6520-0

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