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The nightmare for burglars
More and more residential and commercial buildings today are equipped with burglar alarms to protect against burglary and theft. This can only report the burglary to an assisting agency.

After triggering the intrusion alarm, however, rarely less than 20 minutes passed until appropriate help, such as guard or police are on site. Thieves know this and only need a few minutes to steal valuable objects or destroying inventory.

This vulnerability can be closed most effective: Within a few seconds the BANDIT mist generator fills the secure area with a dense, impenetrable fog, the message is simple, the effec, highly efficient. There, where the burglar can not see anything, he can´t steal anything!

Theft and vandalism of stay! (ex. 60m ² room is completely filled in 4 seconds after alarm.)

BANDIT fog generators, your active theft prevention, offer you the unique solution to the lightning fast access to prevent burglaries and property damage as effectively by vandalism and destruction.

BANDIT fog generators have the most advanced technology and an production of 28m ³fog per second.

Due to the hermetically sealed storage HY3 our fog fluid in our special tank made of stainless steel, this results in a maximum durability and service life of the fluid of at least four years because no environmental influences can act on the fog liquid. No contamination, evaporation, fungal attack of the fog fluid is possible. The fog had a soft mint smell, is colourless and disapears whitout leaving a trace.

The BANDIT fog security is patented worldwide and BANDIT fog generators comply with the rules and regulations for EN 50131-8 Alarm systems - Intrusion and hold - Part 8 fog device / systems for security applications.


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