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What is Video Synopsis?
Video Synopsis is BriefCam's major innovation, a proprietary image-processing technology that creates a summary of the original full length video. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times.

BriefCam VS Forensics is an easy-to- use offline application that enables users to review footage, create, view and export Summary Videos for investigative purposes. Synopsizing means a significant reduction in the amount of time and personnel it takes to review video footage, resulting in lower storage and manpower costs.

VS Forensics is a stand-alone product that does not required integration with a DVR/NVR, and can summarize up to four AVI files simultaneously. VS Forensics imports and processes video from the systems commonly used by law enforcement, government agencies, educational facilities, municipalities and loss prevention organizations.

An essential tool for every investigation unit
Browse video in minutes, not hours
Get better evidence, faster
Stand-alone product - no need for integration
Reduce time and cost of manpower
No training required
Utilizes user's experience, intelligence, intuition
Easy to install. Easy to use
Replaces current "fast forward" reviewing method
All events played in real-time speed
Makes reviewing all video part of the daily routine

Key Features
Import hours of AVI footage
Process files while you work
Process up to four (4) files simultaneously
Easy to use, intuitive Graphic User Interface
Set summary speed and event density
Select and time-stamp events
Isolate and scroll individual eventsv
Export synopsis as AVI file
Index and view original event video with one click
No need for integration with DVR/NVR


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