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Bundesverband Deutscher Detektive e.V.

The BDD was established in 1950 and belongs to the founding members of the IKD in 1963 (International Association of Detectives). Representing the association of German detectives with the oldest professional tradition, the BDD is well recognised by the German authorities and the public.

The organisation comprises an executive office under the board of directors (President, Vice-President and Treasurer) and has 6 regional divisions throughout Germany.
Individuals applying for regular membership have to prove their professional qualifications as well as their reliability.
International applicants are accepted without examination if they can identify themselves as members of a recognized domestic detective association or if they hold a nationally recognized licence.
All members have to respect the Code of Professional Ethics as developed by the BDD.

Members are requested to attend as often as possible the annual BDD - Seminar for continuing education. Guests are always welcome. This seminar is organised and co-ordinated through the BDD Institute for Advanced Professional Training.
The main effort of the BDD is directed to improve the public image of German detectives, higher level of professional qualification and a high standard of morale within the profession. In Germany the “Detective” is not recognized as a regulated profession within its own rights.
The Detectives organized in BDD are however working towards suitable measures to implement and provide a legally recognized training, which will provide the basic qualification for a regulated profession.

National and international members in 16 countries are bi-monthly informed through the BDD magazine ” INFO-INTERN”.
If you need help from a competent German detective, contact us directly or look up the membership list of the BDD at .


Bundesverband Deutscher Detektive e.V.
Birresdorfer Str. 32
53424 Remagen
Phone: +49 (0) 2225 83 66 71

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