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Wavestore is committed to an open platform philosophy. This enables us to integrate and work closely with camera manufacturers and other third party technology partners to offer a comprehensive security solution which can include video analytics, access control, command & control, PSIM, motion detection, license plate recognition, abandoned object and intruder detection, people counting, perimeter security detection and traffic monitoring systems.

Wavestore’s digital video recording systems are able to simultaneously record and display high quality images from combinations of analogue, network (IP and megapixel), HD, HDcctv, 360 degree and infra-red cameras.

Based on the Linux operating system, Wavestore’s DVRs, NVRs and HVRs are rugged, reliable and straightforward to install, configure and operate. Wavestore systems are also easily expandable and upgradable as and when a client’s requirements change, whilst Wavestore’s powerful SDK enables integrated security solutions to be developed efficiently.

The Wavestore design is able to fulfill applications from small standalone systems up to large distributed server networks with thousands of cameras and detectors. The company has provided solutions for countless demanding projects, including ports and airports, transportation, councils, hospitals, hotels, schools, property, police and homeland security applications.

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