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Interview with Epko van Nisselrooij, BDM for Smart Cities

13.12.2018 -

The forecasts for 2050 say that 70 percent of the worlds population will live in metropolitan areas. This may sound good, but how will the cities react to the growth...


Box Clever: How to Secure Goods in Logistics Centers while Maintaining Transparency

10.09.2018 -

The department store or logistics center is the pivotal point in the supply chain and ranks among the most complex areas in the economic system. With so many shipments...


Perimeter Protection Options

20.12.2017 -

Perimeter protection has always been an important subject in military applications and later was further developed in the civilian sector to become an important part of...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018 – the Winners

29.09.2017 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting...


Integration of Mobile Access and Network Based Door Controller

08.06.2017 -

At IFSEC in London Axis Communications will launch their first integrated open, IP-based mobile access control solution together with integration partner HID Global.


The Winners of the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2017

05.10.2016 -

The glass trophies are standing in neat array, framing their certificates. There is a smell of tarte flambee in the air at the Wiley stand. A corc pops. The almost 70...


The First Network Video Camera

16.09.2016 -

Axis Communications is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the worlds first network video camera, a true Internet of Things (IoT) device introduced in 1996 that laid the...

Axis Dome Network Camera

30.08.2016 -

View the features and 4K image quality from Axis Q6128-E PTZ Dome Network Camera.

Axis Q6128-E is a compact, outdoor-ready PTZ dome, offering 4K resolution at 30...

Axis' Video Surveillance Solution for Small Businesses

30.08.2016 -

Comprehensive Axis Companion Line out-of-the-box solution, combined with focused support program for local installers, delivers quality benefits of IP-based video...

The Axis Companion Line - At a Glance

30.08.2016 -

The Axis Companion Line is a tailored solution, developed to fit the need of your business. Axis is the global leader in network video surveillance solutions. Axis has a...

Learn About All the Benefits of Axis' IP Cameras

29.08.2016 -

IP video is expected to grow 16% each year by 2019. Learn how the benefits of an IP camera can help your surveillance. With IP cameras youll have capabilities like people...


Theme Tour: Access Control

01.08.2016 -

This Theme Tour is supported by:

Not everybody should have access to company property. Only specific people. Employees, supplier, cleaning staff to name a few - but...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2016 – the Winners

07.12.2015 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2016. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting...


Lifting the Airport Experience with Network Video

22.06.2015 -

For a long time, video surveillance at airports was only a matter of security. Now, with the shift from analog to digital technology, numerous different airport...


IP Video Helps Oversee Gaming

28.11.2014 -

The Marbella Casino has belonged to the Spanish group Cirsa since 1985. Just like any casino, it is required by law to use video systems, and therefore has a number of...


Remonte Monitoring of Bank Branches

08.10.2014 -

Over One Thousand Axis Cameras Monitor the Work in Russian Standard Bank Branches
Currently Russian Standard Bank is one of the largest privately owned retail banks in...


Safe In The Harbor: IP Video at a Mediterranean Leisure Port

07.08.2014 -

Originally built in 1974 to the southwest of Palma bay, Port Adriano on the Spanish island of Majorca was extended and its shopping area refurbished by the prestigious...


DIY Video Security: Thirty Electronic Eyes for Security at the New Unox Cadoneghe Headquarters

17.06.2014 -

Unox, a leading company in the production of professional ovens, recently relocated and expanded its offices and production plant. The new facilities needed a suitable...


Hotel La Marvella Employs Axis Surveillance and Remote Monitoring Solution

18.03.2014 -

La Marvella is a luxury boutique hotel located in the Jayanagar suburb of Bangalore. A part of the Best Western Premier group, the hotel prides itself for being an oasis...


Axis Brings Megapixel Video to a Newly-opened Casino

21.11.2013 -

RIU Pravets Golf Spa and Casino Resort is a luxury complex in a unique location near Sofia in Bulgaria. The facility offers several restaurants of different sizes and has...


Axis: Market Leader for Video Surveillance Takes a Step into the Access Control Market

20.09.2013 -

At Asis show in Chicago Axis surprised the security world with the announcement of entering the physical access control market with the new Axis A1001 IP based door...


IP Video Surveillance: Smarter and Smarter - How Cameras and Applications Are Evolving

12.06.2013 -

Living with intelligent devices is a dream we have had for centuries. Michelangelo, Jules Verne and many other great thinkers had this vision, but their vision ­preceded...


Discreet Axis Network Cameras Watch Over the Safety of Hotel Guests

17.04.2013 -

Alpina Dolomites Lodge, a recently built tourist accommodation with high-profile clientèle, was faced with the need to have a video surveillance system that could protect...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013 - Surprises and Serial Winners

08.01.2013 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013. Only 5 x 3 products could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via fax, e-mail or online...


Brazilian Bank Modernizes Its CCTV System with the Use of IP Technology

24.10.2012 -

Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB) is the largest regional development bank in Latin America. Its Administrative Center, in Fortaleza had an analog CCT V system. This was...


Camera test: Axis Q1604

04.06.2012 -

In cooperation with Seetec, GIT SECURITY tests current and new video cameras under standardised conditions in the test laboratory of the SeeTec Hardware Competence Center...


A Security Management System for Puyang Tobacco Board Mission

29.05.2012 -

In order to enhance security capabilities and reduce potential safety problems in the eight branches of the Puyang Tobacco Board, the use of a network camera surveillance...


The New Hotel Casino Barrière in Lille Opts for IP-Surveillance

05.12.2011 -

The new casino hotel in Lille, France opened its doors in spring 2010 in the heart of the city. A veritable leisure center at the cutting edge of innovation, it has...


The Latest Applications of IP Cameras in Retail Outlets

29.09.2011 -

Retail theft cost store owners around the world US-$107.3 billion last year, which is the equivalent of 1.36 % of global retail sales. Retailers need to cut these losses...


Camera test: Axis M 1104

26.08.2011 -

In cooperation with Seetec, GIT SECURITY tests current and new video cameras under standardised conditions in the test laboratory of the SeeTec Hardware Competence Center...


The Development of Video Technology over the Last 20 Years

30.06.2011 -

Axis and the Safety and Security publications of GIT are both successful prodigies of the nineties, sufficient reason for them both to take a look back at their roots -...


Transport Surveillance Is Rapidly Changing

04.03.2011 -

Axis Communications has been very succesful with public transportation projects and offers products specifically designed for this sector. Patrik Anderson, Director of...


Five Times Three Winners

01.02.2011 -

„Won three times, please do not vote again for this..." - you might know this from your favourite radio or TV show. With GIT SECURITY AWARD it seems as if there are some...


HDTV and the Impact on Video Surveillance

08.12.2010 -

High-definition television, or HDTV, refers to video with substantially higher resolution than that of standard-definition television, or SDTV. As image quality is...


Online training to the general public from Axis

26.08.2010 -

Axis Communications shows its commitment to its partners through offering in-depth training at the Axis Communications Academy. The academy is now extending its offering...

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Infrared Illumination Camera Series

Axis Communications AB - Archiv -

Axis introduces the new Axis M31 Series consisting of three indoor and three outdoor models. The new compact network cameras adapt automatically to changing light...


First PTZ network cameras with active cooling for desert environments

Axis Communications AB - Archiv -

At Intersec in Dubai, Axis Communications hasintroduced the new AXIS Q60-C PTZ Dome Network Cameras with integrated active cooling for exceptional and reliable video...


Network Camera with lightfinder technology

Axis Communications AB - Archiv -

AXIS Q1602-E is suited in dark or low-light conditions where users require color information in the video to enhance recognition and identification of objects. The new...


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