*deister electronic GmbH

Access control; vehicle identification; biometric verification; guard tour systems; storing and management of keys and valuables

Founded in 1978, deister electronic GmbH is an internationally modern and sustainably managed family company that stands for innovative products and solutions in the field of identification and security for people, equipment and buildings. Our product portfolio is used for the management of keys and valuables, wide area identification (WIA) and access control as well as in logistics and automation technology.

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Solutions at a glance:

  • Digital locking systems
  • Access control & hands-free access
  • Electronic key management
  • Electronic locker systems
  • Access control (AVI)
  • Personal security
  • Guard control
  • Event cameras
  • Textile management
  • RFID for Industry 4.0 & Logistics,
  • Vehicle locking systems
  • Waste identification

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*deister electronic GmbH

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