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Deister electronic Among Top 10 Newcomers in Medium-Sized Companies

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In the database of medium-sized companies of Die Deutsche Wirtschaft (DDW), Deister electronic ranked well from the beginning. The Barsinghausen-based specialist for...


Automatic Vehicle Identification

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The tranSpeed product family is primarily designed for automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and driver identification in applications such as parking management using...

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Maxxess Security Management Platform Integrates Deister Key Management Systems

03.06.2019 -

Delivering another high-value benefit to users, the Maxxess eFusion security management platform now integrates off-the-shelf and seamlessly with the range of deister...


Maxxess eFusion Security Management Integrates deister Key Management

24.05.2019 -

Delivering high-value benefit to users, the Maxxess eFusion security management platform now integrates off-the-shelf and seamlessly with the widely used range of deister...

GIT SECURITY AWARD Ceremony at Security Essen 2018

10.10.2018 -

Its a special occasion when GIT SECURITY invite to the award ceremony at Security Essen, because all participants have been waiting for the outcome of the competition...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2019: The Winners

04.10.2018 -

Welcome to this years GIT SECURITY AWARD, we are glad that you all came, is the announcement of Steffen Ebert and Dr. Heiko Baumgartner, the hosts of the award ceremony...


The Winners of the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2017

05.10.2016 -

The glass trophies are standing in neat array, framing their certificates. There is a smell of tarte flambee in the air at the Wiley stand. A corc pops. The almost 70...


Theme Tour: Access Control

01.08.2016 -

This Theme Tour is supported by:

Not everybody should have access to company property. Only specific people. Employees, supplier, cleaning staff to name a few - but...


RFID Technology for More Mobility and Security of People in Need of Protection

21.11.2013 -

The protection of people and property has an important place in the security ­considerations of today‘s companies and establishments. Whether in healthcare, in public...


Deister electronic: Two Heads Are Better than One

21.01.2013 -

It‘s the first time in the 35-year history of deister electronic: founder and owner Anatoli Stobbe appointed his Commercial Director Marco Abrahms to the Executive Board...


Keeping Tabs on the Keys in the Copenhagen Airport

22.11.2012 -

Securely controlling keys and access cards has always been a great challenge for Copenhagen Airport. The keys must be available to staff 24 hours a day, all year round...


RFID: Electronic Key Administration for the Protec Service Fleet

26.01.2012 -

You might see the employees of Protec Service on the mass transit system or at large events: almost 100 employees work in the Security Division, a further 137 in Facility...


A New Type of Camera with a PC CPU

18.03.2011 -

Eyewatch, a company belonging to the Deister Electronic Group, had a truly good idea for a new product and, with it, blurred the distinction between previously separate...


Key Management System

11.05.2010 -

A typical gatehouse at a large factory or other establishment always needed a large back wall on which to hang all the various keys that were used throughout the site...


Sentries at the Limits of Science

27.01.2010 -

A particle accelerator is used for fundamental scientific research at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. Nobody is allowed to be in the...


Under Lock and Key

14.01.2010 -

Keys are used to control access to so many things these days that there can be serious consequences when one is misplaced or has been taken without authority. Managing...


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