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When we started out in 1997, we knew that technology could break down barriers and broaden perspectives. Our very first IP-based video surveillance system was true to that belief. It gave customers more flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. It empowered our users to do more.

Life is better when things go smoothly

Today, we’re still focused on delivering innovation that makes life work better. As the industry leader in IP-based security solutions, it’s our aim to minimize the unknown. We build resilient, connected solutions that help businesses protect, understand, and enhance the world around them. Our solutions go beyond security. They provide operational insights that allow people to improve their business and master their environment.

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Genetec Announces Availability of Security Center SaaS

11.04.2024 -

Genetec announced the availability of Security Center SaaS from its global network of certified partners.


NIS2 Security Readiness Tips

05.04.2024 -

Security teams are getting ready for October 2024 when the European Union’s second Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) becomes law. But what will it mean...


Pierre Racz: "Real Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist"

08.03.2024 -

In part one of this three-part interview series with Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, he is addressing why IP network video systems were the game changer in the...


Ready for the Next Chapter with Security Center SaaS

22.02.2024 -

Genetec management team took the opportunity to present their new experience center in Washington to the international press early in February, discussed their view on...


Latest in Retail Security: Experts Explain

15.02.2024 -

In our special focus, we ask three questions on security for retail to five experts: Johannes Faber, Regional Sales Manager DACH at Optex; Ross Wilks, Global Head of...


Unified Physical Security Can Help Retailers Thrive in a Changing Environment

15.02.2024 -

Retail has changed dramatically in a very short time. Digital transformation is delivering new business models around frictionless, multi-channel shopping and e-commerce...


The Genetec State of Physical Security Report 2024 is here!

13.12.2023 -

Gain insights from over 5,500 end users and channel partners.


Data Storage for Video Surveillance Explained by Experts

24.11.2023 -

In our special focus, we ask three questions on security of data storgae for surveillance systems to five experts: Rishi Lodhia, Vice President and ­Managing Director...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024: The Winners

16.11.2023 -

GIT SECURITY presents the winners for GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024.


Outsight announces Integration of 3D LiDAR Security with Genetec

09.10.2023 -

In an era where the demand for enhanced security solutions is paramount across most industries, the deployment of 3D lidar-based security systems marks a significant...


Stadium Security Explained by Experts

05.10.2023 -

In our special focus, we ask three questions on stadium security to five experts: Steve Hodges, Stadium Expert and UK Operations Manager, Dallmeier UK, Dr. Volker Brink...


Pierre Racz Part 3: "Unsafe Computer Networks are an Annoyance for the Whole Industry"

20.09.2023 -

In part three of this three-part interview series with Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, he is telling us why cybersecurity should be very high on everybody’s agenda to...


Pierre Racz Part 2: "Working on IA not on AI!"

12.09.2023 -

In part two of this three-part interview series with Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, he is telling us about how they are matching machine learning and the human factor...


20 Years of GIT SECURITY: All Jubilee Interviews with Industry Leaders

08.09.2023 -

For our 20 year jubilee, we have interviewed many leaders in the industry about the past and the future and their take on industry-shaping developements.


Is your access control system leaving the door open for cyber attacks?

07.06.2023 -

Security doesn’t stop at the door, nor should your access control. How can you improve connectivity to manage cyber and physical security together?


Viisights Announces Integration with Genetec Security Center

26.04.2023 -

Designed to Improve Early Detection of Security and Safety Events: AI-enhanced Software Adds Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics.


Security for Public Transportation: Focus Interview

10.02.2023 -

Genetec, Qognify, Hikvision, and Milestone Systems answer to GIT's questions about public transportation security.


Options and Best Practices for the Use of Video Analytics in the Retail Sector

20.12.2022 -

Recent research from the ECR Retail Loss Group (see QR code at the end of this article) shows that retailers are presently primarily focused on security benefits, with...


Axis Forensic Search: Seamless integration with Genetec

14.12.2022 -

Axis announces the release of a new version of Axis Forensic Search for Genetec offering improved metadata including object attributes as well as object type.


Genetec Releases 2022 State of Physical Security Report

05.12.2022 -

Main results of the survey: Cybersecurity concerns are on the rise; Data from physical security technology seen as ‘mission-critical’ tool for business operations...


Security for Banking 2022

21.11.2022 -

Banking fraud like ‘ram-raiding’ in banks, driving an SUV through the window and chaining it to the ATM to tow it away, or filling the machine with gas and igniting it...


Genetec Alerts Organisations to Risks of Legacy Access Control Systems in Light of Rising Cyberattacks

19.11.2022 -

With the ever-increasing rise in cybercrime, Genetec is cautioning organisations of all sizes to be vigilant about the cybersecurity risk posed by legacy access control...


Video Analytics in Security

04.11.2022 -

Steve Green, Business Development Director at Genetec describes the status of the use of video analytics in the retail sector.


Top Concern for Physical Security Professionals Worldwide is Cybersecurity

29.10.2022 -

New Genetec research shows almost half of all respondents activated an improved cybersecurity strategy in 2022.


Security for Safe Cities: Focus Interview

05.10.2022 -

Four experts talk about approaches and solutions for a safer city.


Genetec: Security Center 5.11 Released

09.09.2022 -

Customers will have access to every module of Security Center, such as Omnicast (video monitoring), Synergis (access control), AutoVu (automatic license plate recognition...


Make the most of every day with a unified security solution

05.09.2022 -

Read the latest Genetec e-book to see how unification is transforming security and day-to-day operations in businesses like yours.


Can video analytics help prevent retail losses?

05.09.2022 -

The latest ECR Retail Loss Group report is now available. Find out how retailers are using video analytics in their daily operations.


Leveraging the Cloud to Improve Physical Security

29.08.2022 -

Hybrid cloud infrastructure can support security teams, with clear benefits for storage, operations, and collaboration.


How to Use Surveillance Cameras as Radars

12.08.2022 -

Radar functionalities can be added to existing cameras that are already mounted at prime locations.


Security for Airports: Perimeter Security an Essential Component

07.06.2022 -

Effective perimeter protection relies on a multi-layered approach that involves a variety of different technologies, including video surveillance, LiDAR, and trip-wire...


Security for Critical Infrastructure: Focus Interview

02.06.2022 -

For KRITIS "we recommend deploying a unified physical security platform"


Forte Partners Teams Up With Helinick and Genetec

22.05.2022 -

Office buildings in Bucharest are becoming more interactive, efficient, and safe. Partly, that’s because Forte Partners, an innovative real estate developer, has been...


Migrating to an open architecture Access Control System

11.05.2022 -

Open architecture platforms have transformed the access control market. Organisations have more choices than ever before when selecting software and components.


Security Installation for Europe's Largest Shopping Center

06.05.2022 -

Monitoring over 1,200 cameras covering 177,000 m2 of retail floor space


Video Security for Retail: Three Questions for Five Experts

05.04.2022 -

In this series, GIT SECURITY EMEA asks three questions to five industry experts about the issue's special focus. This time we asked five experts for their view on video...


Genetec Report: Physical Security Industry Embraces New Technology

04.03.2022 -

Genetec recently shared the results of its state of the industry report. Based on insights from over 2,000 physical security leaders from around the world, the report...


Genetec report: Physical security industry embraces new technology

25.02.2022 -

Report shows insights from over 2,000 physical security leaders show changing role of security industry, accelerated move to the cloud and increasing investments in...


Genetec Privacy Protector Re-certified with EuroPriSe

07.01.2022 -

KiwiVision Privacy Protector remains the only solution with EuroPriSe certification.


Genetec: Physical Security Trend Predictions for 2022

22.12.2021 -

Genetec Inc. has shared its top predictions for the physical security industry in 2022.


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022 - Winner: Safety and Security Management, Services and Solutions

25.11.2021 -

The 2022 GSA winners in the "Safety and Security Management, Services and Solutions" category have been selected. A neutral jury had examined a shortlist of submitted...


How To Prevent Security Department Burnout

26.10.2021 -

Today, the average security operator jumps between six different security applications, often trying to manage more than 20 system events and alarms at once. Learning the...


Security Management: Kooi Drives up Efficiencies Across All of its Operations

08.10.2021 -

Kooi secures hundreds of construction sites across the Netherlands and Europe. After a period of sustained growth, the company was faced with the logistical challenge of...


Safe City: Harnessing Technology to Adhere to Martyn’s Law

20.09.2021 -

Martyn‘s Law, more officially known as the Protect Duty legislation, is a proposed piece of ­legislation that is being backed by the UK government to improve the safety...


Special Focus: Stadium Security in 2021

07.09.2021 -

We have been holding sports events for thousands of years, where dozens of competitors and thousands of spectators come together to race chariots or formula one cars, to...


Genetec Professional Services: Experts by your side to support advances in technology

20.08.2021 -

In the physical security industry, professional services are typically recognized for supporting customers in the design and deployment phases of their security systems...


New Omdia report recognises Genetec as fastest growing access control software provider in the world

20.07.2021 -

Company credits growth to increasing market demand for open and unified security solutions


Industry Report: Pandemic Forces Cloud Solutions

23.06.2021 -

In January 2021 Genetec EMEA surveyed physical security professionals based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on the state of physical security in 2021. Following a...


Stand and Deliver - What Can You Expect from Video Analysis?

29.04.2021 -

Video analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning – most people have heard these terms before and think they know what they mean. In practice...


Panasonic i-Pro Partners with Genetec

08.04.2021 -

Panasonic i-Pro Sensing Solutions Corporation of America is partnering with Genetec to offer a cloud-based digital evidence management system (DEMS) for law enforcement...


Genetec: New Research on State of Physical Security 2021

31.03.2021 -

Insights from over 1,500 physical security leaders highlight cybersecurity as a strategic priority and accelerating adoption of cloud infrastructure for physical security...


What Can You Expect from Video Analysis?

15.02.2021 -

Video analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning – most people have heard these terms before and think they know what they mean. In practice...


Top physical security trends for 2021

28.01.2021 -

Here is what Genetec experts believe will be the top physical security trends in 2021.


Vienna Headquarter for Genetec

20.01.2021 -

Genetec announced the opening of its 16th global office in Vienna, Austria.


How unification became the cure for failing healthcare security systems

07.09.2020 - Lee Health operates the largest public health system in Florida, United States. The organization welcomes over 1 million patients each year across more than 100 sites - including...


Genetec Announces new Integration with Bosch MAP 5000 Intrusion Panel Series

03.08.2020 - Genetec announced the latest deep integration to result from its enduring partnership with Bosch Security Systems. Users of the widely deployed Bosch MAP 5000 intrusion alarm...


Addressing the Growing Security Needs of Transportation Agencies

14.05.2020 - The number of people using public transportation systems around the world is increasing at an incredible rate. According to a report published by the International Association of...


Genetec prioritizes digital initiatives for 2020

11.05.2020 - Genetec announces virtual trade show for the fall, and makes all training courses available online; company will significantly reduce its remaining 2020 industry tradeshow calendar...


Genetec Releases Conference Agenda for Connect’DX Virtual Trade Show

09.04.2020 - Genetec released the full conference agenda for Genetec Connect’DX, the company’s first virtual trade show taking place April 20-22, 2020. Focused on technology, innovation and the...


Public Transport Security 2020

03.03.2020 - When evil minds want to spread their message and set about causing significant damage to property and people to get themselves noticed, security personnel can be one step ahead and...

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Genetec announces New Version of Security Center

Genetec -

Company shifts to a continuous software delivery model. The new version brings map enhancement features, authentication improvements and new automation features.


Genetec Unveils Streamvault Edge

Genetec -

Genetec has announced the presentation of Streamvault Edge at ISC West taking place March 22-25 in Las Vegas.

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