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GIT SECURITY AWARD: Vote Now - Ledlenser Torch Readers' Prize

16.05.2022 -

Shortlist of finalists has been determined. Voting possible from now on.


Intrusion Detection Market 2022

12.05.2022 -

A sensor fusion system might detect simultaneous fence vibration AND camera movement, yet still be able to recognize a false alarm


PIR or Radar?

29.12.2021 -

Motion detection technology explained and compared


Perimeter Protection Can Use Radar to Anticipate Intrusions

09.03.2021 -

Perimeter protection plays a major role in the security sector. Protecting the premises of a building or an outdoor area is very important for a very broad array of...


Reliable Motion Detection with Radar Sensors

21.12.2020 -

A significant aspect of security surveillance is motion detection. With a small movement, people or vehicles reveal their presence. Their movement makes them stand out...

Innosent: Non-contact Alternative to Push-button Switches

10.07.2020 - Innosent introduced a new product for automation applications: The company has developed the IMD-3000 radar system as a modern alternative to push-button switches. The new product...


Radar: Equipped for All Applications

20.05.2020 - Functionality is the be-all and end-all when it comes to security technology. The systems used must work as accurately and reliably as possible in order to avoid missing and false...

Radar Range from Innosent now Available at Digi-Key Electronics

25.03.2020 - To distribute its products, Innosent is partnering with the US company Digi-Key Electronics. Starting now, a wide range of products from Innosent is available from the Digi-Key...


Special Focus: Perimeter Protection ­Solutions in 2020

12.03.2020 - Perimeter protection has always been an important subject in military applications and later was further developed in the civilian sector to become an important part of security...


Near-Range Detection Around the Building

19.12.2019 -

The fear of break-ins rises along with the need to protect precious belongings. Media reports on burglars or thieves in the area add to the unease. The feeling of...


Reliable Detection of Intruders Thanks to Radar Barriers

04.09.2019 -

The moats and walls of yore have given way to high fences and state-of-the-art security technology protecting properties, installations, or buildings. Modern security...


Innosent Looks Back on a Successful IFSEC 2019

18.07.2019 -

Innosent took part in IFSEC 2019 in London from 18 to 20 June 2019. At the international trade fair event for security technology, the sales team presented the latest...


Easy Integration of Radar Technology

13.06.2019 -

In this expert interview, Dr Eva Maria Buchkremer describes how Innosent resolves a customer challenge and sets new standards with advanced technology.

In recent...


GIT SECURITY Industry Talk: An Overview of Radar Technologies

21.12.2018 -

What does radar have in common with a microwave? Both produce electromagnetic waves, however, radar uses longer wavelengths and sends them much further out making their...


lnnoSenT at Security 2018

05.11.2018 -

InnoSenT presented its radar solutions to the approximately 36,000 trade specialists visiting Security, the leading trade fair for civil security in Essen.For the second...


The Next Big Thing in Security?

19.09.2018 -

Despite advanced technologies, some challenges of the security sector have not yet been mastered so far. A new solution is required.
Security systems dont have it easy...

Introduction to the InnoSenT SMR Evaluation Kit

11.09.2018 -

The InnoSenT SMR-Evaluation Kit is a programmable compact radar system with the focus on creating a friendly and easy-to-use platform to let beginners having first...

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Innosent: ​​​​​​​Low-cost Object Localisation with IMD-2002 Motion Detector

InnoSenT GmbH -

Innosent GmbH is launching a new radar sensor for motion detection. The new IMD-2002 is a further development of the successful IMD-2000 motion detector.


Motion Detector: IMD-1100

InnoSenT GmbH -

Innosent is expanding its IMD series to include a new 24 GHz radar front end in low-cost segment.


Innosent’s Motion Detector Boasts Greater Functionality for a Low Price

InnoSenT GmbH -

Innosent’s newly developed sensor solution not only takes on the task of conventional motion detectors but also provides useful distance information.


Innosent: Radar technology for near-range detection

InnoSenT GmbH - The German radar company Innosent is launching a new product for building and security technology on the market. It is the first commercial 24 Ghz FMCW radar system with advanced...


IFSEC 2019: InnoSenT Presents Radar Products with Smart Tracker

InnoSenT GmbH -

InnoSenT is taking part in Europes biggest security event, IFSEC, being held at the ExCeL London exhibition centre. From 18 to 20 June 2019, the radar experts will...


Quick Integration with Innosent's New Radar Systems

InnoSenT GmbH -

Innosent has launched new products on the market. The iSYS-5011 and iSYS 5021 radar systems facilitate use of radar technology by boasting a special tracking function and...


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