Ksenia Security

Simply unique in the Home Automation and Intrusion’s Industry is the prestigious proposal of Ksenia Security, the Italian brand recognized and appreciated all over Europe for its level of Innovation and Design, fully developed and manufactured to be environmentally sustainable. This success is possible thanks to the long experience matured in the business, to the dynamic convergence of ideas and heterogeneous skills, to the commitment and passion professed as well as the will to realize something unique, commensurate with the always growing need and expectations of the professional installers as well as the final users, leading them through a logic of “total integration”.

The lares IP control panel series, from 16 to 128 zones, also wireless with the same number of outputs, represents the best expression in terms of power, integration and modularity: last generation components, with the highest degree of reliability, expandability and programmability “in-the-field”. On a single, extremely small PCB are concentrated Home Automation and Burglary Systems performances, IP/Ethernet connectivity and micro-USB port for programming. as well as a bus interface at a very high speed rate to connect: ergo the multifunction LCD keypad with cap-sense, gemino GSM/GPRS Communication Module, auxi I/O Expansion Module, pontis PSTN Communication Module, volo Proximity Outdoor Reader, divide Bus isolator-repeater, imago Outdoor Siren, radius Indoor Siren, the latter which can works as emergency light too.

lares series is able to manage up to 128 zones integrating Digital Audio for remote listening over its communication Bus and also IP cameras. With no need of additional and overpriced HW and SW, it’s possible to receive, even by e-mail, not only the main alarm signals but also important information about the system status: while by means of the integrated web-server you can remotely manage the system, using any smartphone or iPads/ Tabs available on the market.

Thanks to the partnership Agreement with the company Loquendo, only Ksenia Security Installers and final users have the privilege of using the most advanced voice technologies through a TTS (text-to-speech) converter, choosing among 4 male and 4 female voices, for customized voice-mail box and for the automatic composition of vocal messages. All that in association with basis, the SW Platform fully designed in Java by Ksenia, with a modular structure that allows the user its complete customization.
basis updates on its own, therefore making easy the relevant programming/updating of all Ksenia devices: contemporary it allows real-time control, even from remote via IP and GPRS. Last but not least a great success is represented by the Indoor Motion Detectors of the unum series (winners of “Top SelectionSafety & Security Award” at Sicurezza Trade Show 2010 in Milan) as well as the Outdoor Triple-Technology Motion Detectors of the ianitor series.
All Ksenia products are unique not only for their design and minimalist style, but even for their capabilities and for a reliability level without compromises.
Ksenia Security Team, supported by his professional and experienced Distribution network, present all over Europe, is planning further expansions for this platform which, for its own intrinsic features, will have a long-lasting future.
Squaring the circle between aesthetic, performance, service and cost in finally possible.

Welcome to the new dimension of Security

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Ksenia Security

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