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The Perimeter Protection Group is one of the leading companies in its sector, whose focus is on the development, manufacture and distribution of products and systems in the field of outdoor perimeter protection.

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Airport Protection: Security Installation Examples

19.07.2022 -

Audio and video technology customized for the unique architectural requirements of Chinese Mega-Airport


The City of Rostock Installs Security Bollards with Flat Foundations

01.03.2019 -

In December 2018 when the Christmas season began and the Christmas markets in Germany had recently opened, the terrorist attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe but...


The Ins and Outs of Airport Access Control

22.06.2018 -

Airports are generally in the public interest as they form the hubs of our globalized world today. The terminal area in particular is frequented 24/7 by thousands of...


PPG Secures Allianz Arena with Crash Bollards

14.02.2018 -

The security requirements for public facilities are growing rapidly. This is especially true of prominent football stadiums, such as the Allianz Arena in Munich. High...


Perimeter Protection Options

20.12.2017 -

Perimeter protection has always been an important subject in military applications and later was further developed in the civilian sector to become an important part of...


The Validity of Bollard Crash-tests with Different Criteria

05.12.2017 -

How useful is a bollard crash-test with 24t at 48 km/h compared to a crash test with 7.5t at 80 km/h? Can such test parameters and the associated results give a fair...


Security in Public Areas: New Threats Require New Responses

21.06.2017 -

Increasingly aggressive, religiously motivated terrorism, the increase in vandalism, sabotage and organised crime continuously make new or extended security concepts...


Perimeter Security Through the Ages

12.09.2016 -

Perimeter security through the ages
Today perimeter security is more relevant than ever due to stronger threat of terrorism, rising crime or corruption and significant...


Theme Tour: Perimeter Protection

26.08.2016 -

This Theme Tour is supported by Wanzl


65 Year Anniversary for Elkosta

23.08.2016 -

Elkosta is the traditional brand of Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH, the German subsidiary of the global acting Perimeter Protection Group (PPG). Existing since 1951...


PPG Distributor: Second Award With the Elkosta Wedge II

11.07.2016 -

PPGs American partner could achieve the second prestigious security award with the elkosta Wedge II.Government Security News (GSN) announced that the wedge barrier won...


Bosch Implements Fully Automated Access to Brewery

18.06.2015 -

Founded in 1731, Oettinger Brauerei is one of the leading German brewery groups, with four sites in Germany. The head office is located in the residential town of...


Focus on Quality in Projects – and Video Security

13.02.2014 -

The Exhibition Centre Nuremberg becomes a security zone again: On 14-15 January 2014, top speakers from industrial companies and planning consultants meet for the second...


Gunnebo’s divestment of Perimeter Protection business finalized

15.09.2011 -

Gunnebo announced that the company had signed an agreement with Procuritas Capital Investors IV regarding divestment of the business within Perimeter Protection. All...


Gunnebo sells Perimeter Security business

26.07.2011 -

Gunnebo security group has signed an agreement to sell its Perimeter Protection business unit to Procuritas Capital Investors IV. Procuritas Capital Investors takes over...


Gunnebo's new Security Group Executive Team

10.02.2011 -

Gunnebo Security Group has appointeda new SVP for Operations and a new SVP for Developing Businesses.Mats Johansson appointed SVP OperationsMats Johansson has been...

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Nationwide Type-tested Security for German Police

Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH -

For safety reasons, driveways of police premises should always be closed and opened only for patrol cars. High frequency and in some cases very high speed of incoming and...


New Crash-rated Quick Folding Gate EntraQuick PU 30

Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH -

As one of the leading manufacturers of sliding and quick folding gates it is the Perimeter Protection Groups aim to continually expand their product range to strengthen...


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