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GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024: The Winners

16.11.2023 -

GIT SECURITY presents the winners for GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024.


Siemens’ company Enlighted adds powerful new AI capabilities for IoT in buildings

26.10.2023 -

Enlighted, a leading property technology company owned by Siemens, has announced the expanded use of artificial intelligence (AI) in its Location Services solution, and...

Fire Protection

Fire Safety System for Royal College of Surgeons of England

26.09.2023 -

A facility known worldwide as a centre of excellence for the surgical profession is being protected with a Cerberus Pro fire safety system, backed by a service and...

Fire Protection

Everything You Need to Know on Fire Detectors

06.09.2023 -

The most classical detectors are smoke detectors. They are widely used and are easiest to install. Oftentimes, many will call them “point type smoke detectors” or “point...


Siemens innovates with new sensor bushing, protection and indication devices

12.04.2023 -

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has expanded its industry-leading medium voltage portfolio with a sustainable and intelligent solution that paves the way for smart...

Fire Protection

Special Focus: Fire Detection in 2022

05.10.2022 -

IR sensors can ‘see’ through smoke and vapor, and a combination of differently tuned sensors within one housing will detect emerging fires with a very low false alarm...

Fire Protection

Siemens and Videcon New Strategic Partners

30.09.2022 -

Siemens's first-ever distribution partner for fire in the UK and Ireland.


Special Focus Safe City: Olympics and Expo 2020 Dubai

07.09.2021 -

It was an eventful year and the number 2020 still stand before events that were postponed to 2021: One of them being the Tokyo Olympics, but also Expo 2020 in Dubai, both...

Fire Protection

Three Questions for Three Experts: Fire Detectors

26.10.2020 -

In this series, GIT SECURITY EMEA ask three questions to three industry experts about the issue's special focus. This time we asked experts for their view on fire...


ZVEI Leaflet Prescribes Software Tests for Fire Detection Systems

18.12.2018 -

The established testing procedures for fire detection systems have long guaranteed the highest safety standards. Yet those procedures no longer meet the current speed and...


Siemens: New Campus in Zug

07.12.2018 -

Headquarters of Siemens Building Technologies and headquarters of Smart Infrastructure Operating Company as of April 1, 2019. Total investment: 250 million Swiss francs...


Siemens Fire Protection System for Switzerland’s Feldschlösschen Brewery

06.02.2018 -

Brewing beer is an energy-intensive business and the risk of fire is correspondingly high. To ensure the availability of its production facilities, the Feldschlösschen...


Siemens Building Technologies wins new global OEM software customer

19.10.2017 -

On October 16, 2017 the Siemens Building Technologies Division signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Midea, a Chinese manufacturer of heating...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018 – the Winners

29.09.2017 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting...

Fire Protection

Siemens Fire Lab Supports the Product Development of Fire Protection Products

29.03.2017 -

During a Fire Safety Press Event at the Siemens BT headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, journalists from Europe did get an impression how state-of-the-art fire safety is...


Building Management Platform: New Features from Siemens

22.02.2017 -

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has added a variety of new tools and support for additional applications to its open and modular Desigo CC building management...


Building Management System for Foundation Louis Vuitton Museum

02.12.2016 -

Like billowing sails, a new Paris landmark rises above the treetops of the worldfamous Bois de Boulogne Park: the Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum designed by none other...


Desigo Mass Notification by Siemens

02.11.2016 -

Mass notification systems are designed to share information quickly and over a wide area regardless of where the recipients happen to be at the time. It is the only way...


Siemens European Building Technologies Company of the Year

05.07.2016 -

Frost Sullivan recognizes exemplary performance by Siemens Consulting firm Frost Sullivan has honored the Siemens Building Technologies Division with its 2015 European...


Siemens and IBM team on next generation of cloud-based building energy management solutions

23.02.2016 -

Siemens Buildings Technologies Division and IBM have announced cloud-based solutions that will leverage Siemens building expertise and IBM Internet of Things (IoT)...


Swiss pharma company Hoffmann-La Roche opts for fire safety and building automation from Siemens

16.02.2016 -

Swiss pharmaceutical company F. Hoffmann-La Roche opts for fire safety and building automation from Siemens for its new buildings on the Kaiseraugst campus near Basel...


Apply now for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD - closing date March 31st

15.02.2016 -

Apply HERE for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD Closing Date: March 31, 2016Until March 31, 2016 all suppliers for safety and security products can apply for the next GIT...


Siemens Building Technologies Strengthens Security Solutions Business

11.01.2016 -

By June 2015 the Siemens Building Technologies Division had concluded the sale of its Security Products business to the renowned U.S. security company Vanderbilt. In the...


Siemens Inventors of the Year Award 2015

21.12.2015 -

No heat build-up in data centers: Dr. Pornsak Songkakuls software unites building automation and IT management, pushing down the cost of cooling server rooms. Dr...


Smart cities: Revolution in every area of life

18.11.2015 -

According to the United Nations, the world population will reach almost 8.5 billion by 2030. As populations grow, so do cities. Even now more than half of the worlds...


Siemens focuses on solutions business for building security

03.06.2015 -

Siemens Building Technologies Division has completed the sale of its Security Products business. This product business, which offers hardware for intrusion detection...


Interview with Rich Cillessen, Region Head Americas of Siemens

20.05.2015 -

In January Siemens announced Siveillance VMS, a video management solution that enhances the company's existing security portfolio. The strategic partner for this software...


Siemens expands security portfolio with new VMS

22.01.2015 -

With Siveillance VMS (Video Management Software), Siemens has introduced a video management solution that enhances the company's existing security portfolio. The...


Trends in airport security: Meeting the challenges

31.10.2014 -

The challenges facing today's airport security decision makers become ever more complex, as additional processes traditionally outside of their scope of responsibility...

Fire Protection

Fire Protection: Hotel Fire Safety

17.03.2014 -

Ensuring the safety of guests is naturally a fundamental requirement for all hotel owners, operators and licensees. The possibility of fire in any hotel should always be...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2014 – the Winners

10.12.2013 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2014. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting...

Fire Protection

Earliest Detection to Protect People and Assets

08.11.2013 -

The addition of two new detectors from Siemens - again featuring the company's unique ASAtechnology (Advanced Signal Analysis) and selectable parameter sets - means the...


Integrated Safety and Security for Smart Cities

07.10.2013 -

Urbanization is one of the megatrends of our time. According to the United Nations, by the year 2025 the global population will have grown to over eight billion, with...


Interoperability and Ease of Installation

03.05.2013 -

The business segment Security Products is part of the Siemens Building Technologies Division and offers a broad range of access control, intrusion detection and video...


The First Line of Defense in Airport Security

21.01.2013 -

Due to the large and complex nature of today's airports the implementation of comprehensive security measures involves a layered strategy. This typically comprises...


Eighty percent of smaller businesses do not have a continuity plan

21.12.2012 -

Twenty percent of companies employing more than 1000 people do not have a plan that ensures the continuity of the business after a disaster. Among companies with ten or...


Safe Airports of the Future

24.10.2012 -

In spite of the global economic downturn, air passenger numbers and air freight traffic both continue to increase, and evidence points to the trend continuing or even...

Fire Protection

Large Hotels Offer Particular Challenges to Safety and Fire Protection Systems

24.04.2012 -

Cerberus Pro, the fire protection system from Siemens Building Technologies Division, has been successfully installed in a new hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, by...


Matthias Rebellius named President of Siemens BT division in USA

24.04.2012 -

Siemens announcedthat it has appointed Matthias Rebellius to lead the company's Building Technologies (BT) Division of the Infrastructure Cities Sector in the United...

Fire Protection

Siemens Is Launching „Cerberus Pro” with ASAtechnology for the Middle East Region

01.03.2012 -

At Intersec in Dubai Siemens Building Technologies launched its well-proven fire detector product line "Cerberus Pro" with ASAtechnology for the Middle East region...


Security and Safety Solutions for Airports from Siemens

10.01.2012 -

More and more security companies are claiming to be ­active in the critical infrastructure market, with one of the hottest topics being airports. talked...

Cerberus PRO fire safety system - enjoy protecting

25.11.2011 -

Cerberus PRO is a powerful fire safety system for fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling and control. Its wide portfolio of innovative products provides clever...


Siemens Building Technologies: Alistair Enser appointed Global Director of Sales for Security Products

08.11.2011 -

Alistair Enser, a high-profile figure who has over 20 years' experience in executive positions in the security sector, has been appointed as Global Director of Sales for...


Siemens: New structure

29.09.2011 -

Siemens will start off fiscal 2012 on October 1, 2011 with a further developed structure. The newly founded Infrastructure Cities Sector begins operation on that day, as...

Fire Protection

Siemens Building Technologies Develops Integrated Solutions for Its Customers

05.07.2011 -

Matthias Rebellius has led as CEO the Fire Safety Security Products Business Unit at Siemens Building Technologies for the past three years. During a visit to the...


Norbain extends support for Siemens customers

22.06.2011 -

Providing a broad depth of product knowledge and systems design expertise, purchasers of Siemens products can now look forward to an enhanced level of sales support, via...


Security Solution for wind farm

21.04.2011 -

For asafe operation of the wind farm, the business unit Security Solutions from the Siemens Building Technologies Division will deliver life-critical telecoms, CCTV...


Security Solution for Corporate, Critical Infrastructure and Intervention Forces Segments

03.03.2011 -

As part of an ongoing programme of security solutions launches throughout the world, the business unit Security Solutions from the Siemens Building Technologies Division...


Siemens introduces innnovative water mist technology

18.01.2011 -

With Sinorix H2O Jet, the Siemens Building Technologies Division launches a highly efficient extinguishing solution, which controls or extinguishes open fires reliably...


Siemens Reshaping the Security Products Business Segment

23.11.2010 -

Within the Siemens Building Technologies Division, the business segment Security Products offers a broad range of products for access control, intrusion detection and...


Back on Track

29.10.2010 -

Within the Siemens Building Technologies Division, the business segment Security Products offers a broad range of products for access control, intrusion detection and...


Power to the People

23.07.2010 -

Coal, gas, nuclear or hydro-power, solar power, geothermal, renewable energy, combined cycle or biomass - every power plant is different. From the way in which it...


Security for Barcelona’s ‘El Prat’ Terminal 1

28.04.2010 -

Siemens has supplied the security for the largest infrastructure project created in the Catalan region of Spain in the last 20 years. The new Terminal 1 at Barcelona...


Return on Security Investment

01.03.2010 -

Investments in security not only protect companies from break-ins and theft but also monitor and improve critical processes, such as the availability of communications...


Integrated Total Solutions

15.01.2010 -

The world is affected by the four megatrends demographic change, urbanization, climate change and globalization. Building Technologies Division provided answers at the...


Integrated, Open and Future-proof

15.01.2010 -

Within the Siemens Building Technologies Division, the business unit Security Solutions offers customers integrated security solutions ranging from the analysis of...


Partners for Video Surveillance

01.12.2009 -

In October the two companies Cisco and Pelco surprised the market with an extensive cooperation in the field of IP video cameras. Now, Siemens Building Technologies...

Products of this vendor

Fire Protection

New Intermediate Base for Optical-Acoustic Fire Alarm

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has introduced a new intermediate base for the optical-acoustic fire alarm.The intermediate base meets the special requirements...


Building Management System Analysing Energy Footprints

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has added numerous new components and functions to its Desigo building automation system. The system now includes significant...


Modular Components For Networked Air Handling Units

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

At ISH 2017, the Siemens Building Technologies Division will display new Modbus-capable components especially for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These new...

Fire Protection

Fire Safety for Smaller Applications

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

Siemens Building Technologies Division has announced the introduction of the FC360, an addressable 1-loop fire control panel. The FC360 is part of Cerberus FIT, a...


Desigo Total Room Automation from Siemens offers new components and features

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

Under the motto Make your building more livable, Siemens will show at the light+building trade fair how commercial buildings can be comfortable while also offering...

Fire Protection

Intersec 2016: Effective fire protection from Siemens for all areas of application

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

At Intersec 2016, the Siemens Building Technologies Division will showcase its fire safety and extinguishing products and solutions for areas with special requirements...


Desigo CC offers comprehensive remote access to building automation

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has introduced a new version of its comprehensive Desigo CC building automation platform. From one app, this platform offers...


Integrated solution links physical and IT security

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

With Siveillance Netwatch Siemens presents an integrated solution which links physical and IT security. The system enables data from security systems – such as intrusion...


Real-time video surveillance solution

Siemens Smart Infrastructure -

Siveillance SitelQ, thereal-time video surveillance solution from Siemens, offers several system enhancements with its new market package - MP3.6. This new version...


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