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Digital locking and access control, intelligent locking components with the latest software. System 3060 plants fulfill highly complex requirements in large buildings. They are simply and quickly expandable and work consistently wireless.

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Digital Locking Technology for School Campus Unterföhring

10.10.2022 -

A high number of users had to be equipped with a simple and economical ID medium for access control


Access Control: Dynamically into the New Year

25.03.2022 -

SimonsVoss has made the best out of the second year affected by Corona: digitalization has been brought further on, the new Digital Cylinder AX was launched, a...


More Features, Convenience and Security

09.09.2021 -

SimonsVoss is entering a new era of digital locking technology with the Digital Cylinder AX. The system is setting forward-looking innovation standards in terms of...


Access Control Solutions for Critical Infra­structure and High Security Applications

13.07.2021 -

We hardly notice them, but they are there, all day and every day; the equipment installations and their control and monitoring systems that supply us all with electricity...


Through the digital product world in the virtual showroom

15.03.2021 -

SimonsVoss is now offering technology and system partners the opportunity to take an informative tour with customers through the digital product world in its new virtual...


Access Control: A Lesson In School Security

24.12.2020 -

The concept of learning at schools is one of openness and having one’s own sense of responsibility. With regard to entrances, corridors, doors, lockers and cabinets...


Wiley Industry Days: A look inside halls, rooms - and at the functions

09.11.2020 -

Only a few more days until the first virtual Wiley Industry Days open. The halls, stands and rooms are almost ready - the industry event for networking is ready. Are you...


“You Need an Overall System to be Successful”

18.09.2020 - GIT SECURITY: Mr. Voss, what pushed you to form a company 25 years ago? Ludger Voss: I already knew Oliver Simons through our studies together in Aachen. I studied Electrical...


In Its Jubilee Year, SimonsVoss Is Well Equipped for the Future

18.09.2020 - SimonsVoss Technologies celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020. The company has ­expanded its production facility in Osterfeld in Sachsen-Anhalt in its jubilee year with a new...


Optimized User Interface of Electronic Lock System

12.03.2020 - The usage and operation of the MobileKey electronic lock system for buildings with up to 20 doors from SimonsVoss has been further simplified. The manufacturer has optimized the...


GDPR for Electronic Access Control and Digital Locking Technology

12.12.2019 -

One and a half years after the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), many companies are still unsure what has to be changed. This also applies to...


Digital Lock Technology Increases Security And Reduces Costs

04.09.2019 -

The mechanical locking system of a cooperative housing estate is only as safe as the care with which the residents look after the keys. Operators of such housing estates...


Morphean offers Access Control-as-a-Service through European technology partnership with SimonsVoss

14.06.2019 -

SimonsVoss Technologies has entered a technology partnership in Europe with Morphean. The new technology partnership, that will utilise SimonsVoss digital access...


Smart Management: Digital Locking Solutions

21.09.2018 -

Innovative as usual: among the latest highlights to emerge from the development department of SimonsVoss is the new generation of Smart Handle AX as well as the Smart...


SimonsVoss Has Extended its MobileKey Access System

13.07.2018 -

Available as from Q3 2018, the succinctly named Pincode keyboard from SimonsVoss enhances the companys already well-established MobileKey access system. This electronic...


SimonsVoss Presenting Product Developments to its Trade ­Partners

07.03.2018 -

The 17th century proverb no birds in last years nest translates today something like Circumstances have changed and nothing stays the way it was. A world without keys...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018 – the Winners

29.09.2017 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2018. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting...


Changing Of the Guard

07.06.2017 -

A door has a lock, with a key, otherwise we couldnt secure it simple and obvious. Or is it? Well, it has been for hundreds of years, right around the world, but that is...


News from the World of Digital Lock and Access Systems from SimonsVoss

29.03.2017 -

A world without keys that is the vision of SimonsVoss.
To what extent their vision of the world of digital lock and access systems has already become reality could...


Intersec 2017: A Review by GIT SECURITY

17.02.2017 -

Intersec 2017 concluded January 24th at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition, with a new record in exhibitor and visitor participation ensuring the three-day...


Official intersec Dubai App by GIT SECURITY

26.10.2016 -

Available free of charge: the new version of the official show app intersec Dubai by GIT SECURITY for the next Intersec show (January 22-24, Dubai/UAE). Download the app...


Theme Tour: Access Control

01.08.2016 -

This Theme Tour is supported by:

Not everybody should have access to company property. Only specific people. Employees, supplier, cleaning staff to name a few - but...


German Brand Award 2016 for SimonsVoss

13.07.2016 -

SimonsVoss is the winner of the German Brand Award 2016. In presenting the award to SimonsVoss, the renowned German Design Council is honouring the digital locking...


Theme Tour: Anti-Burglar-Protection

05.07.2016 -

This Theme Tour is supported by Assa Abloy.


MobileKey from SimonsVoss: Access Control for Small Offices

16.03.2016 -

While there is something quaint about having a massive brass key in your hand that will open a tall, creaking church door, the everyday keys that we all use for house...


German Design Award 2016 for SimonsVoss

17.02.2016 -

SimonsVoss recently earned the worldwide renowned German Design Award for two of its innovative digital products: the SmartIntego - SmartHandle and the SmartIntego -...


Apply now for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD - closing date March 31st

15.02.2016 -

Apply HERE for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD Closing Date: March 31, 2016Until March 31, 2016 all suppliers for safety and security products can apply for the next GIT...


SimonsVoss sponsoring SOS Children's Village projects again in 2015

13.12.2015 -

Christmas without presents? Many adults may find a gift-free Christmas acceptable in our secular age of material well-being, but children would see things completely...


Architecture and design award for SimonsVoss Technologies

21.07.2015 -

The German Design Council has selected the digital locking cylinder from the SmartIntego system integration solution as the winner in its Product/Building Technologies...


Allegion Acquires SimonsVoss

29.06.2015 -

Allegion has agreed, through its subsidiary Allegion Luxembourg Holding Financing S.à r.l, to acquire SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH from HgCapital. The transaction is...


SimonsVoss Launches Small Access Control Solution

18.06.2015 -

Since the market launch of its 3060 digital locking and access control system in 1998, SimonsVoss has remodeled its locking technology, which had previously focused on...


SimonsVoss enters into system integration partnership with Mercury Security

26.03.2015 -

SimonsVoss and the global leader in the manufacturer of access control panels Mercury Security agree to collaborate in the field of system integration.The cooperation is...


Nedap integrates SimonsVoss SmartIntego solution into AEOS

03.03.2015 -

The companies Nedap and SimonsVoss now offer a completely integrated solution regarding access control for the AEOS security management platform of Nedap.With the...


Interview with Bernhard Sommer, CEO of SimonsVoss

03.11.2014 -

Bernhard Sommer, a keen sportsman, completed the Hamburg Triathlon in two hours and fifty-eight minutes on 13 July 2014, the day of the German World Cup victory in Brazil...


Protection, Monitoring – and Smartphones Open Doors

23.01.2014 -

SimonsVoss has enhanced its Electronic Locking and Access Control System 3060 with a newly designed protection function. With it, door locking devices can be activated or...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2014 – the Winners

10.12.2013 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2014. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting...


SimonsVoss Receives Certification for Integration with Lenel Access Control System.

09.12.2013 -

SimonsVosshas received factory certification from Lenel Systems for the OnGuard access control system on its Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060.SimonsVoss is...


Bernhard Sommer new Chairman of Management Board at SimonsVoss

06.09.2013 -

A much-valued expert and well known on the market, Sommer took over the top management position at SimonsVoss Technologies. This 49-year-old engineer and business...


Rapid (De)Activation of Locks in Emergency Situations

05.06.2013 -

While smudged makeup could be considered a minor emergency, the breakout of a fire or someone going on the rampage in a public building is a far more urgent ­situation...


ITE and Simons Voss to Launch Next Generation Security Technology Training Centre

07.01.2013 -

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) (Republic of Singapore) has partnered up with SimonsVoss Security Technologies, a global provider of wireless access control...


Digital Locks for the Atlantic View Residential and Vacation Appartments in Tenerife

16.05.2012 -

Just off the coast of Morocco, around 1,300 kilometers from the Spanish mainland, lies sunny Tenerife - the largest of the Canary Islands. The year-round mild climate...


Systemic Thinking: In Conversation with Hans-Gernot Illig of Simons Voss

24.04.2012 -

SimonsVoss can look back on a highly successful year and, according to a study by a strategy consulting company, landed in the top ten of the leading German medium-sized...


Millionth digital cylinder delivered

16.04.2012 -

On April 12, 2012, SimonsVoss delivered its millionth digital locking cylinder to Trinity Hall, a prestigious College of Cambridge University. During a ceremonial...


SimonsVoss posts record sales in 2011

05.04.2012 -

SimonsVoss Technologies AG has reported group sales of Euro 46.4 million for the fiscal year 2011. The European market leader for electronic locking and access control...


SimonsVoss Technologies opens Nordic sales office

08.09.2011 -

SimonsVoss Technologies further extends its European presence and opens the Nordic region sales office in Stockholm.In view of the very positive business development...


SimonsVoss For Asia

30.06.2010 -

SimonsVoss Technologies looks set to tap on Asia's economic recovery and strengthen our regional Asian market presence. The new SimonsVoss Technologies' regional...

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TDSi Launches New Version of GARDiS Integrated Security Software

ASSA ABLOY EMEA - Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the launch of the new and enhanced version of its GARDiS security software, Version 2.0. Amongst the upgrades, GARDiS 2.0...


Digital locking technology significantly reduces costs in the event of key loss

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

The mechanical locking system of a cooperative residential complex is only as secure as the occupants carefully handling the keys. Operators of residential estates...


Digital Locking Solutions: Door Handles and Control Units from SimonsVoss

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

Innovative as usual: among the latest highlights to emerge from the development department of SimonsVoss is the new generation of Smart Handle AX as well as the Smart...


News from the keyless world

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

The keyless world has long been a reality and SimonsVoss is one of its most prominent pioneers. With their intelligent features, elegant design, sophisticated and yet...


SimonsVoss: SmartHandle with new Smart Feature

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

SimonsVoss has consistently enhanced its door fitting SmartHandle for the Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060 and included a feature which makes it even...


SimonsVoss: Retrofit for Wireless Access Control

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

The model 3061 Door Monitoring digital locking cylinder from SimonsVoss, recently shown at two European security trade fairs, makes it possible to retrofit any door into...


IFSEC: SimonsVoss presents new SmartHandle with door monitoring function

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

At this years IFSEC, SimonsVoss premiers its digital SmartHandle with door monitoring function for the SmartIntego product line.From 16 to 18 June, SimonsVoss...


Guest App for Hotel Access Control

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

SimonsVoss has entered into a cooperative partnership with Zaplox, a Swedish mobile key system provider, and now offers a compact access solution for hotels. Easily...


Digital Locking and Access Control System

*SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH -

A new innovation has been added to the digital locking and access control system 3060. The new door fitting SmartHandle 3062 combines intelligent access control functions...


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