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Standing out of all security publications in the field, GIT SECURITY has a unique approach to the market. GIT SECURITY reaches out to end-users of security and fire protection equipment in key branches and targets all channels of distribution, from manufacturers to distributors, installers, consultants, system integrators and planners.

For marketers this approach offers the opportunity not only to push products and solutions into the market but also to create a pull from the market via targeting end-users.

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Media Kit 2024 - valid from October 1, 2023

Media Kit 2024 of GIT SECURITY EMEA - Print/Online

Media Kit 2024 GIT SICHERHEIT (PDF German) - Print/Online


Media Kit 2023 - valid from October 1, 2022

Note: Due to the current situation, dates of events may change or be completely cancelled. All events with updated dates can also be found here If you are interested in a special event or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Media Kit 2023 of GIT SECURITY EMEA - Print/Online

Media Kit 2023 of GIT SICHERHEIT (PDF English) - Print/Online

Media Kit 2023 GIT SICHERHEIT (PDF German) - Print/Online

Media Kit Website of GIT SICHERHEIT

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GSE 2023 Titel

With a qualified circulation of 20,000 copies and 4 issues per annum GIT SECURITY has the best market presence of all security magazines in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) market.

The high circulation numbers in combination with a superior level of editorial quality and the good reputation are key assets of GIT SECURITY. Integration of systems is crucial for our market and GIT SECURITY takes this into account with its comprehensive approach to security, fire protection and safety. The publication deals with the diversity and complexity of safety and security topics and covers them for the permanent sections: Management, Security, Information Technology, Fire Protection and Safety. It presents market news and trends and it features products, companies and applications to the decision makers.

Combined with our product database and the portal we offer unique cross media opportunities.

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Portal GSE 2023 is the target group portal for all security professionals and decision-makers. Projects, products and people: offers an optimal environment for your advertising and content.

Give your company a face, show your presence, communicate a product launch - in short, benefit from our reach! Supplement your print advertising in GIT SECURITY with an image campaign on and increase your market penetration.

Technical specifications for online products

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GSE Portal mobil 2023


Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in all areas of daily life - and the security industry is no exception. The target group of is characterised by a particularly high affinity for the use of mobile devices. Around 30 % of website visitors reach them via their smartphone and the trend is steadily increasing. is optimised for display on mobile devices. This provides users with an optimal presentation of the content.

Technical specifications for online products

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Traffic on (average values January 2022 to December 2022)

  • 4.400 Unique Visitors per month*
  • 6.800 Pageviews per month*

(*Plausible, average values January 2022 to December 2022)

Traffic on (November 2022)

  • 4.800 Unique Visitors per month*
  • 7.600 Pageviews per month*


Media KIT 2023 Newsletter GIT SECURITY - Prices & Formats


GSE Newsletter 2023



GIT SECURITY informs its newsletter subscribers monthly about current industry events, top news and user reports. It also contains the latest products, services and events.

The newsletter recipients have agreed to receive the newsletter via a legally secure double opt-in process.

This is reflected in a high average open rate of between 40 and 50% and a high level of interaction (clicks on articles/CTR).

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Newsletter send dates

> MEDIA KIT 2023

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Media kits 2023

Marketing and advertising professionals across the sciences & industries depend on Wiley to reach their audiences and drive results. Whether it be lead generation, branding, virtual events, or content solutions, we can help you find the right mix to reach your goals. Discover below media kits from some of our top publications. Kits outline deadlines, prices, specs, and sponsorship opportunities.

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Media Kit 2022 of GIT SECURITY EMEA - Print/Online

Media Kit 2022 of GIT SICHERHEIT (PDF English) - Print/Online

Media Kit 2022 GIT SICHERHEIT (PDF German) - Print/Online