Advanced Protection for Old Coal Mine

19.08.2014 - The Monumental Guido Coal Mine, which was founded in 1855, is located in the City of Zabrze in Silesia Province in southern Poland. The name of Coal Mine - Guido - originates from ...

The Monumental Guido Coal Mine, which was founded in 1855, is located in the City of Zabrze in Silesia Province in southern Poland. The name of Coal Mine - Guido - originates from the name of big industrialist, millionaire - Prince Guido Henkel von Donnersmarck. For more than a hundred years transformation, the Guido Coal Mine, comprised with Coal Mining Museum and modern areas "K8 zone" for leisure, business and culture, now is a place for young and old people to explore the region‘ s mining heritage and organize cultural and art events.

The K8 zone, located 320 meters below ground in the Guido Coal Mine, consists of four huge chambers for conference, concerts, theatrical performances, culture faira and business meeting. More uniquely, the deepest place in K8 Zone is a pub, which is also considered as one of the most iconic pubs in Silesia. The unique underground climate guarantees raw and mine decor with brick ceiling. The next attraction is a good beer and a lot of hot snacks. The Coal Mine Guido is a worth place to visit. With the modern zone entering official operation in 2013, visitors to the Guido Coal Mine increased significantly.

The Coal Mine Guido decided to implement a modern network surveillance system, providing its employees and tourist with better and advanced protection shield. The surveillance system had to be able to manage and control the number of people below 250 under low light conditions in the mine. The selection of cameras was the biggest challenge in this project since cameras must be able to cope with difficult lighting conditions, to deliver high quality image, and to resist from dustiness in the underground tunnels.

High Quality Network Cameras Secure Peace and Safety

With serious evaluation, engineers from Guido Mine and specialists from the local professional system integrator KAZ Company decided to choose camera Vivotek IP8151. Vivotek IP8151, a 1.3-Megapixel professional fixed network camera, represents the next-generation in video quality in network cameras. Featuring the utmost in picture clarity through utilization of advanced sensor technology, the camera is able to capture exceptional details during daytime, as well as to offer unparalleled visibility under lowlight conditions through its Supreme Night Visibility feature.

In addition, designed with WDR Enhancement, image details under extremely bright and dark environments can be identified clearly. Moreover, Vivotek IP8151 is equipped with microphone and two-way audio track. It enables the communication and instruction easy and direct, which is a very useful function whenever the occurrence of events. Vivotek's IP8151 has fulfilled the clients' expectations.

Quality and Performance Meet All Expectations Krzysztof Jaromin, Technical Director of KAZ Company indicated, "Our company works in the market for more than a dozen years. The experience and wide service assortment enable us providing big flexibility and adjustment to achieve customers' expectations. Therefore, we have involved our designers and team in the realization of the contract. The choice of Vivotek camera was not accidental. Workers had a good opinion before. Those cameras were a success on the concert of Johnny Freelance Experience Group."

Tymoteusz Rduch from IT department of Guido Mine further commented: "The monitoring system designed with Vivotek's network cameras IP8151 is very good and can be managed without any problems under difficult conditions in the coal mine. Cameras in external housings can perfectly manage with dustiness and air humidity. The museum must constantly monitor a number of people moving to the mine and moving out from mine. With the use of camera the mine can register people who are moving there. In the K8 Zone, where allows free movement between chambers, the operator can supervise people who are in the middle of the mine. Tourists can't smoke in the mine and the operator can check this by camera. When somebody lost way, the operator can help him. The system monitoring is very helpful to workers, too."





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