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GIT SECURITY Has Put Together a Selection of the Latest Security Solutions for Hotels

05.12.2019 - Successful hotels are able to make guests feel welcome. Business travellers want an absolutely smooth and uncomplicated check-in and -out, private individuals simply dont want to w...

Successful hotels are able to make guests feel welcome. Business travellers want an absolutely smooth and uncomplicated check-in and -out, private individuals simply don’t want to worry about anything.
In addition to basic conditions such as cleanliness, friendliness and good food, it is an indefinable feeling of safety that plays a major role in well-being while staying at a hotel. What many people don’t know is that security and a smooth-running organization during a stay often go hand in hand. One major influence are the components of a security systems that not only have now far surpassed their reputation for pure security. They have long since ceased to provide only monitoring, but now offer a number of advantages in the course of hotel operations. From arrival through the door to identification, the room door, check-in and check-out, entry and exit at any time of day and the secured areas. GIT SECURITY provides you with some of the latest solutions directed towards the hotel sector.

It All Starts Outside
The entrance area and lobby are the face of a hotel. Maintaining the signature of the entrance in style and securing it on the other hand is one challenge many hotels face. One solution are the revolving doors by Boon Edam. Depending on what requirements are given, the high security revolving door, Tourlock 180, can be integrated with a variety of different security systems that accurately detect any form of piggybacking or tailgating. The rotation of the revolving door can only be started after an authorisation signal from an access control system such as a card reader or biometrics reader.
This can even be combined with something else: Sometimes it is a simple sensor outside a door that provides reliable detection even in bad lighting conditions. “Many automatic door manufacturers are using our sensors and it wouldn’t be surprising that the door of the next shop, office, hotel, hospital or leisure center you visit will be triggered and opened by one of our devices”, says Toru Kamimura, President of Optex Japan.

Solution for Every Hotel Type
Access control is the core part of the security system of a hotel. Salto, for example, offers a complete solution for many hotel types, both newly constructed and refurbished. By combining Salto electronic locks, ProAccess Space software with the JustIn mobile app, the Zoku Hotel in Amsterdam have found the solution they needed. ProAccess Space includes functionalities such as mobile keys, group check-in, real-time re-rooming and real-time extended stay. By using the software in combination with the guest mobile app, users can book meeting spaces, services or extend their stay instantly. If a meeting takes more time than expected or a flight is delayed, they can enjoy their stay longer at the hotel. Their keys are updated, and the access rights extended for a few hours or more if needed.
One of the highest operating expenses the hotel industry experiences is the usage of energy right behind labour. Salto has another solution called Universal ESD. The system allows hotels to optimize energy consumption by turning off lighting and adjusting climate control systems when guests are not in the room for long periods of time. The system components and Salto’s Universal ESD ecosystem uses infrared detectors and advanced wireless technology.
Mechanical keys, electronic keys, key cards, fingerprint readers and wireless systems: Dormakaba also offers a wide range of access control elements - from individual devices to sophisticated wireless network solutions. This means that hoteliers always have the security of their facilities under control. All RFID locks are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capable and can operate using the Dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions, allowing guests to use their mobile devices as their room key.

From Keys to Surveillance
Entries should have clever access control, but it doesn’t mean that premises shouldn’t be under surveillance. One example is the CCTV Solution for Landmark Amman Hotel by Dahua. The 5-star hotel had security patrols for the grounds and premises and an old analogue system where many cameras were broken. The new CCTV solution included IP cameras and NVRs and solved many problems. The 4 MP IR Eyeball Network Camera includes smart coding, intelligent video analysis, WDR and smart IR technology. The NVR supports 4K and H.265 encoding technology, can be used as edge storage, central storage or backup storage with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for remote management and control. The hotel could not only increase their security level, but also revenue by monitoring and invoicing according to the actual numbers of guests.
Another larger-scale project took place in Kuwait, where Siqura (TKH Group) cameras secure the Kuwait Hyatt Regency hotel situated in Al Kout Mall, the second-largest shopping mall in Kuwait. The order was for a video surveillance and access control system as a complete solution. ‘The video surveillance part of this project consists of around 350 Siqura cameras of different types along with the proven VDG Sense video management software, operated from an internal control room in the hotel. The i-Protect access control part is for around 120 doors with swipe cards. In addition, there are some 300 monitored doors’, says Ibrahim Matkawala, Business Development Manager at Delite Engineering Center, by whom the system was implemented.

CCTV, Access Control and Fire Protection
Amthal Fire & Security currently maintain all existing fire and CCTV systems throughout Sopwell House, a Georgian Country House Hotel in the UK. And for the new spa facilities, Amthal is installing latest IP CCTV together with access control integrated with the main hotel and extending the fire systems, again from the main hotel building. Paul Rosenthal, Sales Director at Amthal Fire and Security added: ‘Today, hotel guests have higher expectations than ever, including personalised experiences and the opportunity to create memories, even if it’s just an overnight stay.’

ROI Through Key Management
By integrating hotel key inventory software, facility managers can more easily control reporting and program access capabilities. A key or an asset management system is very helpful. Morse Watchmans is one brand to look at when keys, assets or a carpool needs some management. Their hotel key control software can run activity reports and sort based on different criteria, allowing management to generate useful information to help mitigate access control issues. It can be a true ROI when key control cabinets are installed on various floors of the hotel for the housekeeping staff. For example, when an employee has called in sick, and another staff member must cover for that individual, the manager can remotely authorize access to a KeyWatcher Touch rather than physically travelling to the site to release a key. A pre-programmed access control card is all that is needed to access or return a key from the cabinet, and all key activity including the time and the individual’s name is automatically recorded.


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