Crystal Clear City Surveillance in Bari

Panasonic’s True 4K Video Camera Systems

15.12.2017 - Bari, Italys sixth largest metropolitan district, is secured in 4K following the implementation of Panasonics True 4K video camera systems.

A state-of-the-art CCTV system has ...

Bari, Italy’s sixth largest metropolitan district, is secured in 4K following the implementation of Panasonic’s True 4K video camera systems.

A state-of-the-art CCTV system has been installed across the capital of Puglia to deal with the increasing complexity of managing security across the city. The installation includes over 450 Panasonic video cameras - to achieve maximum results in terms of operational reliability, accurate content management and video quality.

The Installation
The installation of the system involved a taskforce including Antonio Decaro, the Mayor of Bari, the IT infrastructure departments and the Municipal Police, Electronic's Time which supplied the technology and OnLiCom which undertook the installation work.
Antonio Decaro, Mayor of Bari, explained, “Urban security is a complex problem shared by all metropolitan cities. Fitting a modern CCTV system, such as the one we have chosen, gives us access to extremely high-quality images, which are very effective in terms of dealing with criminal activities.”
200 IP vandal proof 4K box cameras (WV-SPV781L) with the zoom ultra-wide x6 lens provide surveillance across the city. With three newly-developed motors and Smart DoF, the camera provides powerful focal strength of near and distant objects.

It is also IP66 for use in variable atmospheric conditions and features Panasonic's patented Rain Wash Coating.
Generoso Trisciuzzi Area Sales Manager and Technical Engineer from Electronic’s Time commented, “The City of Bari expressed the need for a CCTV system to deal with a range of urban scenarios such as normal crime prevention needs, managing traffic, fly-tipping, reading vehicle registration plates, abandoned pets and many other related services. The installation consists of around 450 video cameras, including 200 bullet cameras and about 100 speed dome video cameras, which will be fitted alongside those already operating.”
The innovative configuration of the Bari installation ensures the images can be displayed at native resolution when necessary, without requiring a high-performance local area network.

Monitoring with the Smartphone
Giambattista Quaranta, Municipal Police IT manager expands, “We designed a system which the police forces could use in their vigilance and monitoring functions, providing valuable support for monitoring and fast response in the event of an emergency.” The whole system is accessible from outside using a SIM on a smartphone or tablet, which the police forces carry, operating on the MPLS private network. The police can therefore monitor the cameras remotely, and interact with them in real time, streaming images from the cameras directly to the operations centre.
Gianluca Martinelli, AD of OnLiCom comments, “This project as a whole was designed to be truly innovative in terms of the quality and technology in video-surveillance systems. The citizens are also satisfied with it. They believe that the technology can help improve security, therefore ensuring effective monitoring of urban areas, which is an ambitious project that we are truly proud to have achieved.”

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