Digital Lock Technology Increases Security And Reduces Costs

Operators of Estates regularly Complain about High Costs Caused by the Loss of a Key

04.09.2019 - The mechanical locking system of a cooperative housing estate is only as safe as the care with which the residents look after the keys. Operators of such housing estates regularly ...

The mechanical locking system of a cooperative housing estate is only as safe as the care with which the residents look after the keys. Operators of such housing estates regularly complain about disputes with the users and the high costs caused by the loss of a key. This also presents a security risk. Digital lock technology from SimonsVoss provides a solution, reduces the costs and simultaneously increases convenience.
According to a study by Deutschen Schlüsselversicherung (German Key Insurance), a key is lost every 35 minutes somewhere in Germany. VdS Schadenverhütung (the Security Association Damage Prevention) has calculated that a financial loss of some 100 million Euro is directly caused each year by the misplacing of 800,000 keys (source: Depending on the size of the building and the organization of the mechanical lock system, losing a master key can quickly result in five-figure costs.
SimonsVoss Technologies (Unterfoehring near Munich) provides flexible system solutions for cooperative estates that ensure security in new buildings and also in existing buildings, that provide users with more convenience and significantly reduce costs when a key is lost.

No Problems when a Key is Lost
There‘s not always a large enough budget available to digitally optimize all the doors in an entire building at once. A practical start, however, can be made in multi-story apartment houses where the front door is secured by an electric lock. A SmartRelais 2 digital key-switch from SimonsVoss can be retrofitted in such situations. An external service provider, such as a security company and SimonsVoss partner, or the company‘s own technician can manage the economic system for the housing corporation.
The white surface-mounted housing is fitted outside near the door handle, and the integrated electronics controls the existing door opener. The process is initiated by holding up an individually pre-programed transponder (a card or chip tag). If a resident loses this entry medium, the whole expensive set of door keys and the lock doesn‘t have to be exchanged. The service provider prepares (programs) a replacement transponder. As soon as this is used for the first time, the access rights of the lost transponder are automatically deleted, and can no longer be used by anyone to gain entry. This immediately restores security at the front door. In this constellation, the residents continue to use their mechanical keys to open and lock their individual apartment doors.
This basic version of the SmartRelais 2 can be easily extended, for example by including another door at the rear of the building into the system. As there will probably not be an electronic lock fitted here, the existing cylinder is exchanged for a digital lock cylinder that is operated by the residents by holding up their own personal transponder. The management of such a system can be done offline by the building administrators, and further transponders issued for specific people using this digital system – for building system technicians, for example.

Any System Size up to Full Networking
If it is time for the security level to be increased and convenience further improved, it is possible to equip cellar doors with self-locking panic locks and an electronic release; utilities plant rooms can be fitted with an electronic lock cylinder and thereby made accessible to a limited circle of people.
The configuration of the system also takes place offline in this situation. This only changes for networked solutions – the most comprehensive installation for residential buildings. System control is done by the building administrators or the system operator via a PC with a VPN connection to the building. In the fully networked version, the individual lock components (electronic release, cylinder, SmartRelais) are activated by the transponders used by the residents.
When an apartment viewing is to take place, it is possible to remotely grant temporary access to the building. When a system is partially networked, a SmartRelais Controller is fitted in the building, from where the SmartRelais reader at the entrance door is controlled, and where the residents load new or altered access rights onto their transponder. An additional benefit for the building administrators is the ability to issue time-limited access rights (for example, for repair or maintenance technicians).

Digital lock cylinder

Dual knob cylinders are ideal, for example, for doors in corridors because a transponder or a SmartCard is always necessary on both sides to open the door.

  • Simple cable-free installation without ­drilling or dust
  • Can be operated with a transponder and a SmartCard
  • Freely programmable, WaveNet capable
  • Automatic recording of up to 3,000 access events
  • Time zone control
  • Long battery life of up to 300,000 operations
  • Integrated door surveillance with DoorMonitoring
  • Available in various versions, e.g. with VdS approval, weatherproof, for anti-panic and fire protection doors, as half-cylinder (one-sided)
  • 3-level warning system if the battery is low
  • Smart design with small knobs

Digital SmartRelais

The SmartRelais 2 is small and compact and therefore ideal for narrow installation situations. It is required to open a barrier or a roller shutter or when other systems, such as a time and attendance recording terminal, should also be operated with the transponder.

  • Can be operated with a transponder and a SmartCard
  • Control of technical apparatus and systems
  • Can be used to transmit data in virtual networks
  • Fast data transmission
  • A large buffer capacity, blacklist distribution with acknowledgment and consistent system monitoring provide high operational reliability
  • Can be networked via wireless

SmartHandle Digital Door Lock

The SmartHandle with ‚SnapIn‘ fitting is a complete door lock that is fitted without any cables or drilling. That means without making any dust and without damaging the door or frame.

  • It is especially suitable for external use
  • Simple SnapIn fitting with a single screw
  • Large choice of versions and accessories, for example different types of fitting, various handles and covers
  • Can be operated with a transponder and a SmartCard
  • Available with DoorMonitoring function, i.e. security-relevant information is forwarded, for example, to a central security center.
  • Can be networked via wireless



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