Digital Locks for the Atlantic View Residential and Vacation Appartments in Tenerife

16.05.2012 - Just off the coast of Morocco, around 1,300 kilometers from the Spanish mainland, lies sunny Tenerife - the largest of the Canary Islands. The year-round mild climate, diverse vege...

Just off the coast of Morocco, around 1,300 kilometers from the Spanish mainland, lies sunny Tenerife - the largest of the Canary Islands. The year-round mild climate, diverse vegetation, bizarre volcanic landscapes, fantastic beaches and a multitude of sport and cultural activities attract around five million (long-term) holidaymakers each year. Since the start of 2010, SimonsVoss has been providing protection for both property owners and tenants in Atlantic View, a luxurious holiday and housing development on the south of the island near Las Galletas. It is the first system of its type on the entire Canary archipelago.

The Atlantic View residential development is situated near the idyllic fishing village of Las Galletas. Even those used to luxury are impressed by the comfortable furnishings of the 150 apartments, between 40 and 120 m² in size. No matter what time of the year you visit, three swimming pools, the beach right on your doorstep, fantastic shopping opportunities, comfortable bodegas and restaurants both on-site and at the harbor ensure a superb holiday.

Sunny Island with Downsides?
But not everything is a bed of roses on the "Island of Eternal Spring". The unemployment rate on Tenerife is currently around 27%, and security for both residents and foreign visitors suffers greatly as a consequence. Christine Bockamp, President of the Atlantic View Property Owners' Association since 2009, explains. "There were always break-ins on our complex, so a number of property owners installed their own security locks, but the keys were immediately copied." Vandalism is also a problem on the island and outsiders would often use the swimming pools. As break-ins and property owners' calls to increase security became more frequent, it was time to take action. In early summer 2009, various lock suppliers systems were surveyed, in person if possible.

She set the bar high as a number of requirements, some island-specific, had to be satisfied. "Power failures are very frequent on the Canaries," states Ms. Bockamp. "The chosen system therefore had to guarantee complete reliability but a number of proposals were dependent on a permanent power supply." As the development is right on the coast, the new lock system also had to cope with high humidity and contact with saltwater. Access control was another important subject. "We wanted to be able to control who had access to which areas and when, and to track who had last entered a room or area. Video monitoring proved to be no good at all as it only gives information about the event, not the culprit. Card systems were also quickly eliminated because the card slots were always being sealed with chewing gum or glue, so we didn't even consider them." It was rather by coincidence that Christine Bockamp came across the digital range offered by German supplier SimonsVoss and found the solution she was looking for.

German Digital Technology
Bavarian company SimonsVoss, a leading supplier worldwide in the market of electronic lock and access control systems, has been introducing completely key and cable-free systems since the start of the 1990s. The idea of the 3060 digital lock and access control system is simple; it enables customized access, recording, logging and control functions in one single, easy-to-use tool. The safe encrypted wireless data transfer between the digital transponder - the equivalent of a conventional key - and the digital lock cylinder offers reliable protection from sabotage, eavesdropping and forgery.
"The digital solution from SimonsVoss," confirms Ms. Bockamp, "was a real all-rounder. The user-friendly programing software enables us to respond quickly to changes or unexpected events. Lost or copied keys, previously an expensive security risk, are no longer an issue as transponders are simply deactivated online." A transponder is assigned to each user and access rights for each door or room are issued or revoked individually on the PC with just one click of the mouse.

It also impressed the various committees in the Property Owners‘ Association, who needed to agree before introduction. The first SimonsVoss project launched on the Canary Islands included digital cylinders in 16 doors in the residential development - the main and side entrances, the library, and the doors to the pool. "Because no cables had to be laid, there were barely any conversion problems, and the smooth installation process just took a few days," remembers the President.

Secure in Any Weather
The VdS and BSI-certified digital lock cylinder is available in a number of variants. "Weatherproof cylinders were an absolute must for us," explains the President, "as virtually all the doors open toward the sea, particularly the doors at the seawater pool. The lock cylinders from SimonsVoss are completely watertight and resistant to torrential rain." On request, a SimonsVoss cylinder also records and logs up to 3,000 access instances. Christine Bockamp explains: "This makes it much harder for trouble-makers. Break-ins are a thing of the past, and if one does occur, we can trace precisely whether unauthorized access has taken place, where and by whom. It really does give you peace of mind."

A PIN code keyboard using a 4 to 8-digit code is also installed to open doors in emergencies. "That increases security," enthuses Bockamp, "as you rarely have to change the code." The attractive battery operated keypad isn‘t just safe but robust too. If required, it can even be installed on glass, and its battery lasts for up to 100,000 actuations or up to 10 years in stand-by mode.

A High-flying Project
The tool most frequently used to open doors, however, is one of the 340 mini hand-held transponders that were issued primarily to property owners and residents of course, but also to tenants, cleaning staff, management staff and maintenance staff. Bockamp is pleased to report that acceptance was very high right from the start. "We at Atlantic View are actually the first users on the Canaries to work with SimonsVoss technology. And although the pilot system has only been in use for three months, it has been praised highly. The virtually self-explanatory system and easy handling greatly impressed us all. It couldn't be any better."

Recommended by Insurers and the ­Police
SimonsVoss Technologies AG, based near Munich, is a market and technology leader for digital lock and access control systems. The 3060 system, consisting of a digital lock cylinder, transponder (digital key) and the Smart Relay (key switch), provides innovative access solutions for companies, organizations and discerning private individuals and fulfills the highest security requirements. It is certified as Class B by the Verband deutscher Sachversicherer (German Insurers' Association) and recommended by insurance companies and the police as an electronic lock system.


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