Discreet Axis Network Cameras Watch Over the Safety of Hotel Guests

17.04.2013 - Alpina Dolomites Lodge, a recently built tourist accommodation with high-profile clientèle, was faced with the need to have a video surveillance system that could protect the safet...

Alpina Dolomites Lodge, a recently built tourist accommodation with high-profile clientèle, was faced with the need to have a video surveillance system that could protect the safety of its guests without being invasive of their privacy, and that would fit in perfectly with the modern architecture and design of the complex. Located within a scarcely populated natural park of about 7,000 hectares with nearly no visitors during the low season, the hotel had the need to monitor not only its indoor premises, but also the surrounding area.

The Hotel complex of the Alpina Dolomites Gardena Health Lodge & Spa lies at 1,860 meters above sea level and enjoys a scenic position with a view of the Dolomite plateau of Alpe de Siusi, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Nestled in a natural park of about 7,000 hectares, it is an architectural specimen in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment that offers charming hospitality to guests seeking relaxation and attracted by a wellness lifestyle. In addition to the skiing resort that boasts over 60 km of skiing tracks, the hotel offers its guests a wide range of other services, including the Spa, panoramic swimming pool, saunas, and fitness center.

The chosen system features a Milestone server and 46 Axis network cameras that are particularly compact and discreet. They provide the hotel with an all-round and detailed overview of its narrow and deep areas, such as long indoor corridors, as well as the more spacious ones like the garden and swimming pool. To allow remote monitoring via mobile devices and fixed stations in another building located 27 km away, part of the IP architecture is of type 2x point-to-point redundant wi-fi, capable of supporting flows of high-quality video footage, even over long distances.

Blending In
The implemented solution has become an extremely reliable and discreet video surveillance system which is in no way a nuisance to the hotel guests or a blemish on the overall aesthetics of the facility. The hotel owners can view high-resolution images and monitor the premises anytime from a smartphone or any off-site monitoring station.

The structure required a video surveillance system with aesthetic features that would fit into the refined design of the complex and the elegance of the furnishings, and would not disturb the freedom and peace of the guests. The solution developed by Aviscon uses 46 Axis network cameras connected to a Milestone server that allow for the effective monitoring of both indoor and outdoor areas. Part of the installation was carried out while the hotel was being built, to ensure the security of the construction site where more than 100 workers were present on a daily basis.

Compact Axis cameras were chosen that are capable of producing images with megapixel resolution and HDTV. The nine indoor corridors were each equipped with two 209FD network cameras specifically fitted with long lenses. Their ultra-compact design and depth of only 4 cm made it possible to easily install them on the ceiling, while the optics ensure full coverage of the 45 meter long corridors. For the garage and outdoor premises, the hotel opted for P3344 which, thanks to its wide dynamic range and functionality for both day and night, can produce clear images both during the day and in the total absence of sunlight. The P1344 completes the video surveillance requirements for the outdoor areas. They deliver images with excellent quality and H.264 compression, are protected against dust, rain, snow and sunlight and can work at temperatures as low as -40 °C.

Out and About
To allow the owners the possibility to remotely monitor via mobile and fixed devices installed in another hotel complex located 27 km away, a wi-fi type network architecture was developed with a repeater positioned on the summit of the mountain that physically separates the two locations. The fact that the system includes power over Ethernet and that system alarms are managed via the Milestone server has reduced the need for servicing, while the anti-tampering alarms enable instant detection of any attempts to tamper with the cameras. An added function to read license plates is currently being tested which will soon guarantee further security for the guests who make use of the hotel garage.


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