Enhancing security: Transport Security Expo (TRS) 2014

19.08.2014 - For more than a decade Transport Security Expo (TRS) has provided the premier meeting and exhibiting place for the global transport security industry. This year it offers an expand...

For more than a decade Transport Security Expo (TRS) has provided the premier meeting and exhibiting place for the global transport security industry. This year it offers an expanded show, enhanced conference programme and live demonstrations to reflect the latest issues and requirements in the sector.

As the UK has grown to become the benchmark for transport security so has the Transport Security Expo (TRS) grown alongside it to become the global networking and educational hub for the world's transport security industry. Now in its 12th year, TRS finds itself more relevant than ever with another difficult year for transport networks under severe pressure from security threats of all forms and from all four corners of the globe.

From the two tragic aviation disasters involving Malaysian Airlines that saw Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing go missing over the South China Sea and Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur callously shot down over the Ukraine conflict zone to continued piracy through the world's busiest commercial waterways; this has been another 12 months for transport security to analyse and look for solutions.

And as usual TRS will be the place where the industry's senior figures will come to do exactly that through networking, debating and learning. Last year - TRS's biggest year to date - almost 4,000 such figures from 88 different countries attended TRS with those figures expected to be exceeded in 2014. Once again a great deal of industry research and advice from prominent members of the transport security world has been formulated into a collection of world-class speakers and topics that will address the key issues and concerns.

The Aviation, Maritime and Rail Security conferences have this year been bolstered by two new conferences for Major Events Security and Secure Transportation.  Major events security has been firmly on the agenda in 2014 with the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the Brazil World Cup, which highlighted the issues off staging such global gatherings among civil unrest, while the Secure Transportation Conference will look at protection of high value assets and dignitaries among other areas.

Extended Conference Program

The extension of the conference programme for TRS represents the determination of the event organisers to ensure that the event continues to grow and adapt to the requirements of the industry.

Another new addition to this year's TRS event is the Live Demonstration Theatre, which will provide live real-time examples of security scenarios and solutions in action. Expert teams will demonstrate how to tackle a classic 'Crowd Control' scenario as an unsecured mob hits TRS while 'Venue Search' will provide best practice on how to search a venue prior to the opening of a major event or in a situation where a suspect package has been found. Remote Operated Vehicles will be used to demonstrate how IEDs are inspected and removed in the IED Disposal demonstration while Cyber Hack will see a hacker illustrate just how easy it can be to bypass even the most secure of networks and with it potentially commandeer control of a passenger aircraft, train or ship.

The enhanced programme for TRS 2014 will also see the very latest in armoured vehicles showcased for attendees to personally check out in the Security Vehicle Zone for protection of VIPs, celebrities, high net worth people and cash in transit.

Finally, TRS are also delighted to welcome support from ADS - the premier trade organisation for the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries. This new partnership allied to the refreshed programme of conference events and live demonstrations further enhances TRS as the de facto place for networking, education and solution finding in the global transport security industry.


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