Fastline and Zaun reap Instant Rewards

18.02.2019 - Fantastic synergies and a fresh driving influence mean that Fastline and Zaun are already experiencing benefits since the recent shareholding investment by Fastline and appointment...

‘Fantastic synergies’ and a fresh driving influence mean that Fastline and Zaun are already experiencing benefits since the recent shareholding investment by Fastline and appointment of Fastline’s Mike Fellows to the Zaun board of directors.

Fellows and Zaun co-founder and owner Alastair Henman see this as only the start of the creation of a united powerhouse for the UK and international fencing market; to be achieved through close collaboration, combined sales efforts, joint procurement and the utilisation of space to increase stock and production capacity.

In addition to this, there are clear advantages to be explored in the potential combination of specialist equipment and personnel skill-sets. As Henman says: “We see this very much as the whole being greater than a sum of the parts.”

Fastline are currently one of only a handful of companies in the UK with in-house palisade rolling, boasting one of the most modern lines currently in operation.  This operates 24 hours a day to deal with the ever growing demand.

Add to that the welded and woven mesh production at Zaun along with laser and robot technology and there is little that this collaboration cannot achieve.

Fastline are renowned for the quality and speed of their products which encompass a near unlimited catalogue due to their ability to produce standard items and also fabricate to highly bespoke requirements.

Fellows’ insight and expertise in the field have ensured that growth for Fastline has been constant and shows no sign of waning.

Zaun’s proven ability to deliver the most technically demanding and high security projects complements Fastline’s great penetration of the general and medium security market.

Fastline have already benefited from an increased capacity for railing production and are capitalising on more opportunities by using Zaun labour and robotic welding technology.

The companies will maintain large combined stock levels of standard perimeter systems going forward to enable unrivalled lead times.

Zaun has a wide range of innovative and unique security rated products, which Fastline are now pushing out to their extensive customer base – opening up a plethora of new business opportunities.

Similarly, Zaun is much better placed to serve existing and new customers with an expanded range of railings, palisade, and associated products.

Henman concludes: “Fastline and Zaun are enjoying the immediate benefits of an intriguing and, I’m sure to some, a surprising relationship within the perimeter security industry.

“Our varied customer base and, as we both agree, quite different modus operandi seem to have ignited the very best of both companies. This was a move not expected by any in the industry but one that undoubtedly all will now be watching with interest.”


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