GIT SECURITY AWARD 2014 – the Winners

10.12.2013 - Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2014. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via f...

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2014. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via fax, letter or online voting on Thanks to all participants!

Category A - Safe Automation


Siemens: Sirius 3SK1 Safety Relays
Safety Relays Have Never Been So Simple and Flexible

Convincing safety solution for machines - The new safety relays are characterized by ease of understanding, a clear product portfolio, and a high degree of flexibility. The safety relays are packed with a host of functions that can be parameterized using DIP switches. This reduces device variance while retaining maximum functionality. Thanks to the low number of devices, selection is simplified, and costs for storage, maintenance and engineering are minimized. The modularity of the 3SK1 system enables adaptation to new requirements in the application at any time. This secures flexibility, and enables customized solutions with the 3SK1 system.

2nd Place

Dehn + Söhne: DehnSecure
DehnSecure Protects d.c. Applications

The modular devices of the DehnSecure product family are coordinated lightning current arresters with a discharge capacity of 25 kA (10/350) and a functional design. They can be energy coordinated with type 2 surge arresters of the Dehn Red/Line product family without additional cable length. The DehnSecure arresters combine high performance and user-friendliness in a single device. Their electrical parameters were rated for the most stringent requirements in lightning and surge protection systems. The modular design of the DehnSecure arresters makes them safe and user-friendly. The vibration-proof module locking system, for example, is unique. The mechanically coded base part and protection module ensure against installing an incorrect replacement module.

3rd Place

Bernstein: Contactless-Safety-Monitoring-Sensor
CSMS (Contactless Safety Monitoring Sensor)

The CSMS is a safety sensor based on RFID technology. Safety series circuits of up to 32 sensors, compliance to PL e / SIL 3 (category 4) can be achieved without the need of additional monitoring devices. As there is no need for external monitoring and associated accessories, costs are greatly reduced. M12 modular connectivity provides fast, easy and simple system installation as standard. The coding level of the CSMS already complies with prEN14119 draft regulations. Protective device system errors are located quickly and easily with the help of the diagnostic interface. At any time the system status of each of the 32 CSMS can be transmitted to the control system via Profibus.

Category B - Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety


Wagner: OxyReduct VPSA
Active Fire Prevention with VPSA technology

OxyReduct with Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology by Wagner is a system for active fire prevention based on oxygen reduction, which is particularly well-suited for large storage areas. Using a physical process to separate gas mixtures, this innovative technology produces nitrogen to reduce the oxygen level in the risk. Using positive and negative pressure, the surrounding air is split into nitrogen and oxygen directly on-site. Thus the energy consumption to generate one cubic metre of nitrogen can be reduced by up to 50% under certain conditions compared to conventional PSA technology. OxyReduct VPSA works extremely efficiently and is especially used for large production volumes of nitrogen.

2nd Place

Siemens: SWING
Wireless Fire Detection

With its SWING fire detection system (Siemens Wireless Next Generation), Siemens is introducing a wireless fire detection solution which offers a high level of reliability and flexibility. SWING combines a failsafe wireless network with patented ASA technology (Advanced Signal Analysis) to ensure optimal fire detection. The system is especially suitable for use in locations where the wiring of fire detectors is impossible or undesirable. The system is based on mesh technology, which maximizes communications redundancy and thus matches the security and reliability of a cable-based solution.

3rd Place

FLIR: K-Series
Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras for Fire Fighting Applications

The K-Series enables fire fighters to see through smoke. This helps them to find victims in smoke filled rooms and to see if a fire is burning behind a wall. This knowledge can help them to avoid dangerous "back drafts". For these applications infrared camera world market leader Flir Systems now offers the Flir K50 (320 x 240 pixels) and the Flir K40 (240 x 180 pixels) - both have a large bright 4" display and feature 5 different color modes for every situation. The K-series withstands a drop from 2 meters on a concrete floor, is water resistant to IP67 and fully operating up to +85 °C and up to 260 °C for 5 minutes - and it can be operated with fire fighters gloves. Flir offers 2 years warranty on the camera and 10 years on the detector.

Category C - CCTV


Mobotix: M15 IP Camera
Allround Dual Camera

The camera M15 builds on Mobotix‘ innovative camera platform concept and offers two exchangeable 5 Megapixel sensor modules. In this way, it can be adapted to current and future needs at any time, regardless of the original mounting place. Five different sensor combinations are currently available. By using 5 Megapixel sensors, the users will gain more than four times better light sensitivity, a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second and an increased zoom in color and in black-and-white. The M15 is equipped with the new MxActivitySensor technology for intelligent motion analysis that reduces false alarms considerably. Furthermore, it is IP66-certified and is successfully tested at a temperature range from -30 °C to +60 °C.

2nd Place

Panasonic: WV-SW598
New Panasonic Full-HD Dome Camera with 30x Optical Zoom and Rain Wash Coating

The new WV-SW598 from Panasonic comes with a set of features that permit it to be installed outside in challenging climatic conditions. The casing comes with a so-called rain wash coating that amounts to an unpaid window cleaner coming by every time it rains. The coating ensures that flatter water droplets take dust and dirt with them when they roll down the outer housing as they cannot form the usual globular shape on the special surface coating.The super high resolution of the camera at Full HD / 1920 x 1080 pixels ensures that fine detail is maintained, and transmitted at up to 30 fps over multiple H.264 (high profile) and JPEG streams that allow simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording by the new Uniphier, Panasonic's proprietary LSI platform.

3rd Place

Samsung Techwin: SNP-6200RH
PTZ-Network Dome Camera

The SNP-6200RH is a 20x optical zoom IR PTZ network dome camera able to capture superb quality Full HD images. An IR function illuminates objects at a distance of up to 100m by focusing the beam as the camera zooms, resulting in clear imaging even when the field of view is in total darkness. The ONVIF conformant SNP-6200RH is equipped with Wide Dynamic Range technology for environments where there may be strong contrasting lighting conditions. It is also weatherproof to IP66 as well as IK10 vandal resistant, and can withstand high temperature variations of -50 °C to +55 °C making it ideal for demanding applications.

Category D - Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Protection


Salto : Clay Cloud Access Control
Cloud-based Access Control System

Clay by Salto is a brand-new easy to use, secure locking solution for SME's that is revolutionary in design, usability and features. The key hardware element is the Clay IQ that serves as the hub between the wireless lock and the cloud, and is so simple to set up, users need only plug it into a standard electrical socket. Neither router configuration, nor any other cabling is required. The new product utilizes the versatility of the cloud to give owners of SME businesses the ability to control their building access remotely and manage it in real-time via any device with an internet connection, providing security that is both flexible and future-proof.

2nd Place

Bosch Security Systems: Amax
Amax Intrusion Alarm Systems - Simply Reliable

Amax intrusion alarm systems from Bosch are designed to meet the special requirements of homes and small to medium-sized businesses. Thanks to the LCD or LED keypad which features a self-explanatory menu-driven navigation structure the operation of the intrusion alarm systems is extremely easy. Amax panels enable a simple and cost-effective installation due to intelligent default programming of the panel. The panel supports multiple alarm transmission options like communication via telephone network and internet.

3rd Place

Abus Security-Center: Ultivest Wireless Alarm System

Plan, Configure and Secure Wireless Alarm System
The Ultivest wireless alarm system goes beyond providing classical alarm components: It combines active burglary protection that links electronic surveillance and mechanical security, access control, IP-based video integration, app remote control and optional connection to the home automation system via KNX. Information and status messages are displayed clearly. Buttons which light up as the situation requires and voice prompts contribute to the ease of use.

Category E - Safety and Security Management


Bosch Communication Center: Secure Truck Parking
Secure Truck Parking

There is an increase in goods traffic and a raising demand for mobility in a qualitative and quantitative dimension. The lack of parking lots for trucks lead to a high number of traffic fatalities and rising crime by freight theft due to increasing values of goods, parking lots searching, parking in restricted areas and tiredness of drivers. Bosch Secure Truck Parking (BSTP) combines three components: 1) Online booking platform 2) Video surveillance 3) Intervention via Monitoring Center In combining technical with personnel methods, which contains both an intelligent booking system and physical security, BSTP prevents attacks on trucks. Thus, truck drivers can use their regeneration phases effectively and economic damage is prevented in advance.

2nd Place

SimonsVoss Technologies: Protect Function
Protection in a Flash

SimonsVoss has enhanced its Electronic Locking and Access Control System 3060 with a newly designed protection function. With it, door locking devices can be activated or deactivated in a split second in the event of an emergency. People want to be able to act very swiftly in the event of a fire alarm or attacks on people, such as a shooting incident in a school. This new protection function provides three responses in such emergency situations: a simple press of a button makes it impossible to open a door from the outside - intruders can no longer get inside as a result. By the same token, means of escape can also be immediately provided by pressing the button to deactivate the locking device concerned.

3rd Place

Advancis: WinGuard
Software Platform to Organize Security

WinGuard is a software platform that integrates several non-connected security systems of different manufacturers, controlling them by a homogeneous user interface. The user is enabled to detect incidences and to resolve them with approved standardized procedures. The most recent version WinGuard X3 is a solution reaching far beyond the common scope of conventional security management systems and additionally offering integration of the complete building and communication technology. The connection to higher-tier mission control systems is another enhancement compared to conventional security management. Procedures automatically initiated by the system and dynamic workflows support the user in event handling.





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