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Brazilian highway operator Autoban upgrades highway monitoring with Bosch video cameras

09.06.2016 - Brazilian highway operator CCR AutoBAn (Concessionária do Sistema Anhanguera Bandeirantes S.A. Autoban) counts on video surveillance from Bosch. In his Operational Control Center ...

Brazilian highway operator CCR AutoBAn (Concessionária do Sistema Anhanguera Bandeirantes S.A. – Autoban) counts on video surveillance from Bosch. In his Operational Control Center more than 20 professionals monitor the highways being used by 850,000 vehicles per day. They are ready to support drivers in challenging traffic situations 24/7. In 17 years of managing the highways, CCR AutoBAn’s SOS emergency unit has handled more than 3.4 million support cases, relying on its fleet of rescue vehicles, tow trucks and operational support vehicles.

CCR AutoBAn continuously invests in improvements on the Anhanguera and Bandeirantes highways; the Brazilian National Transport Confederation CNT ranks them among the best highways in Brazil. To further improve highway safety, 20 Bosch MIC IP starlight 7000 HD video cameras have been added to the video surveillance system.

Making the right decisions when seconds count

“CCR AutoBAn is responsible for the safety of thousands of people using the highways. With its state-of-the-art video surveillance solution, Bosch technology allows it to evaluate potentially dangerous situations in real-time and in a clear and accurate manner, thus contributing greatly to assure the well-being of passengers every day,” said Eros Brito, Regional Marketing Manager Video Systems for Bosch Security Systems.

Odair Tafarelo, CCR AutoBAn's Support Manager, added: “Investing in the most modern video equipment in the market helps us to identify critical situations and make the right decisions when seconds count. With the help of the cameras, we direct ambulances, for example, or inform drivers about highway conditions that require immediate speed reduction."

Highest quality of relevant images at night and at long distances

Thanks to its starlight technology the MIC IP starlight 7000 HD from Bosch ensures highest quality of relevant images in extreme low light, or scenes with fast moving objects. The MIC IP starlight 7000 HD with 720p resolution delivers video images where other cameras fail, even down to 0.01 lux. It also provides clear color images down to 0.05 lux – when other cameras have long switched to monochrome.

The cameras are equipped with a 30x optical zoom that enables operators, in combination with the optional IR illuminator, to view objects in high-definition at distances of up to 175 meters in complete darkness.

The MIC cameras from Bosch are extremely robust and engineered to withstand most adverse weather conditions like temperatures from -40˚C to +60˚C, severe winds and 100 percent humidity. 

Capturing details in extreme environments

Bosch MIC IP starlight 7000 HD cameras are designed to always assure full functionality in rugged environments like roads, where dust and soot require lenses to be cleaned regularly. For self-cleaning, operators activate the integrated long-life silicone wiper through a remote command; rain water is used to clean the lens. In addition, the camera incorporates an internal blower that directs warm air towards the inside of the front window, providing an effective window-defrosting function. When the video analytics in the camera detect fog, the camera automatically adds light to the video image for optimal viewing. 

No matter how tough conditions get, a surveillance operation must always go on. Without interruption and with minimum on-site-maintenance. Bosch has specifically designed these cameras to be heavy duty but light on maintenance. Remote firmware updates can be done from anywhere. The virtually indestructible housing and the self-cleaning ability prevent service visits to the critical locations the MIC IP 7000 HD cameras usually operate.


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