Lifesaving Software: Safety at the Port with a Video Management Solution from Seetec

12.06.2014 - Altaş Ambarlı is the largest port of Turkey and an important hub between the Black Sea region and the Far East. The Kumport terminal, which is located near Istanbul on the European...

Altaş Ambarlı is the largest port of Turkey and an important hub between the Black Sea region and the Far East. The Kumport terminal, which is located near Istanbul on the European side of the Bosphorus, is an active part of the port since 1994. Thanks to its steadily rising turnover and simultaneous investments in human resources and technology, it has become one of the most modern terminals in Turkey. Kumport currently tranships an annual volume of more than 1,700,000 TEU and a further increase is expected. An analog video surveillance system which had already been operating since its official certification in 2004 proved not to be sufficient and had to be extended.

The port management engaged itself to follow the guidelines of the "International Ship and Port Facility Security Code" (ISPS Code) to achieve international conformity certification. Amongst other things, this code of practice demands the continuous surveillance of the entire port area in order to prevent accidents and to minimize safety hazards. Not an easy task for a huge area which houses cargo ships from all over the world and is frequented by hundreds of people each day. To be able to respond quickly to events, a flexible video management solution which actively informs about potential safety hazards is essential.

The port management put the following requirements on any new technology: with a further piece of software, the work of the security personnel on site should not be made more difficult but rather the load should be taken off the staff by intuitive and simple operation. Additionally, accessibility via various - also mobile - platforms such as smartphones was an important point. Archive material should be usable for the examination of past incidents, so a considerable storage volume would be required for this purpose. If the complex is enlarged at some future point, the security solution should be able to grow without any problems. Kumport decided to implement an IP-based system. In 2012 the port management engaged BES Technology as their partner who undertook the implementation of the project. SeeTec was brought on board as a software specialist on their recommendation. The serious and flexible approach of the German software manufacturer convinced both the client and partner.

Large Storage

All the requirements could be met by using the SeeTec Multi Solution Platform. Its unique system approach serves individual customer wishes and provides perfectly adapted solutions that meet the user's needs. The pivotal point of the solution is the Seetec core software. As a modular toolkit, this platform also provides a number of additional modules and interfaces to third party systems such as access control solutions or burglar alarm systems. Such systems can thus be adapted to meet new requirements (the number of cameras, additional features) at any time. SeeTec‘s local branch and the support hotline available in the national language have certainly helped customer satisfaction.

48 out of 56 legacy cameras were replaced by IP cameras. Currently the system contains 98 cameras in total. These are positioned at strategically important points such as the port access road, building entrances and ship berths. The recordings are stored on a server which has a storage capacity of 35TB to be able to recall the recorded footage for as long as possible. The video recordings are viewed and evaluated in three operations centers. Two of these are located in the administration building - in the security department and at the port management - and one in the Gümrüklü Warehouse Area. Six users have access to the recordings, including four safety experts, the management board and the warehouse manager.

Multi-Platform Clients

In addition to the Enterprise Clients included in the package, the Web Client and the Mobile Client for iPhone, iPad and Android are also widely employed at Kumport. The Web Client is used to access the SeeTec system from any PC without prior software installation. As the security personnel are constantly in action it is possible to alert them underway in case of emergency.

With 16 client licenses, the port is optimally equipped for their current needs but the system can also be easily adapted to accommodate further development of the port. Six of the licenses mentioned only have limited rights. In this case, this means that a previously defined group of users is able to view the camera recordings but not to edit or export them. This ensures the confidentiality of sensitive video data.

Serkan Şimşek, IT Deputy Manager and Project Director at Kumport, is extremely satisfied with the solution: "SeeTec has provided us with its simple management option that allows integration and usage of a great number of cameras. We are following the development of new software versions with interest to be able to upgrade our facilities further in future. The new system eases the workload of our security personnel and ensures more precise results. SeeTec has more than met our expectations and we are very pleased to continue our collaboration with them."



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