Massive City Savings with Milestone VMS

Danish municipality increases security and saves more than one million Euros annually after installing Milestone video software

09.09.2015 - Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is being used by Aalborg municipality in Denmark to optimize the security levels for property protection. The num...

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is being used by Aalborg municipality in Denmark to optimize the security levels for property protection. The number of security incidents has dropped tremendously after installing the video system, and the city is now saving more than one million Euros in insurance costs.

The Milestone-based security system together with a proactive approach to the use of surveillance video has reduced the damages to property in Aalborg significantly. In the case of the citizen center called Trekanten, the losses from damage to property have diminished to zero from previously being more than 100,000 Euros a year.
The average response time for the city’s guard service is now down to 10 minutes even though the municipality covers 1,138 square kilometers. The effectiveness of the response has also improved with the central command center being able to use the video feed from the cameras as visual verification to guide first-level responders in security incidents: the operators can determine the severity of the alarm and optimize the response.  
“The Milestone solution has saved us more than a million Euros in insurance costs. And the open platform technology is an important factor for us because it enables rapid rollout, flexible configuration and reduced cost of operation,” says Henrik Svenstrup, Video Management Software Manager, Aalborg Municipality. The municipality has installed Milestone XProtect Corporate video software with one management server and seven recording servers to handle approximately 300 surveillance cameras. The plan is to double the number of cameras within a year.
“The Milestone open platform technology in XProtect is a great advantage because it enables us to pick and choose from the widest range of cameras, and to select the optimal camera for a given task. The IT-savvy design of XProtect makes it easy for our IT department to integrate the VMS systems into the total IT infrastructure,” says Henrik Svenstrup.
Aalborg Municipality also uses the Milestone Mobile Client that allows access to the central video system via smartphones and tablets. A number of local libraries are unstaffed, so the video system is used to ensure security. Milestone Mobile is used to enable nearby staff to be first responders and resolve smaller incidents. It could be that a visitor to the library inadvertently stayed after closing hours, when the doors are automatically locked. The presence of persons after closing hours will trigger the alarm system. The local staff can then use the Milestone Mobile client to see the camera views from that location and determine the cause of the alarm, and ease the unfortunate late guest off the premises. This would save the central guard service for more serious incidents.
The success of this concept has caused the word to spread to other institutions in Aalborg Municipality. Henrik Svenstrup experiences more and more of them asking for advice on video security. This trend is enforced by the positive experiences of staff at locations using the video to secure the premises.
“In the beginning we experienced a bit of unease. But now the comfort in knowing that we can keep an eye on our staff and respond in the most efficient way depending on the situation, is taken very positively. We are getting more video ambassadors all the time,” says Henrik Svenstrup



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