MobileKey from SimonsVoss: Access Control for Small Offices

16.03.2016 - While there is something quaint about having a massive brass key in your hand that will open a tall, creaking church door, the everyday keys that we all use for house doors, garage...

While there is something quaint about having a massive brass key in your hand that will open a tall, creaking church door, the everyday keys that we all use for house doors, garages and sheds have no such appeal. Locking and unlocking cars with electronic remote control keys, however, has long been standard practice, so it is perhaps surprising that the convenience of these fobs has not generally been extended to normal doors until now. SimonsVoss has introduced the MobileKey system that redresses the situation.

The German electronic lock manufacturer SimonsVoss, a brand of Allegion, recently advanced into the largely neglected small office/home office (SOHO) market with its secure digital access solution: the MobileKey access system. This not only provides smaller systems for the many office spaces in private homes, but is also of the right dimensions for installation in doctors‘ and lawyers‘ practices, architects‘ studios, consultancies, advertising agencies and other commercial enterprises.

The product line is suitable for systems of up to 20 doors and 100 users. The web-based system makes it simple for users to benefit from the advantages of intelligent, electronic locking in a small system with few doors and offices because of its easy-to-operate features.

Secure, Digital
Like large systems, the elegantly designed 3060 locking system consists of digital cylinders in doors opened and closed by transponders, using either a PIN code keypad or a smartphone. Authorization allocation, time schedules, logging or remote opening can be managed using the web application on any terminal device. The simple app also allows the end user to create accounts and generate locking plans, transmitting data to the SimonsVoss server, where the information is added. The locking plan is then sent back to the app and uploaded onto a compact programming device. This takes the familiar form of a USB flash drive, with which users program their cylinders and transponders.

SimonsVoss operates its own web service to calculate data, hosted by an audited Munich-based data center. This ensures that processes are far more secure than mere local storage on a personal computer, thanks to end-to-end encryption.

Quick Installation
The system is designed for easy installation, allowing MobileKey to be put into operation in just a few steps. This even applies to replacing existing mechanical door cylinders with electronic ones, since no cabling or special tools are required, thanks to radio technology. There’s no need even for a drill. The electronic cylinders are equipped with several intelligent functions and are virtually maintenance-free due to their extremely low energy consumption. Integrated sensors in the cylinder monitor the status of a door and record every change. Open, locked, dead bolt drawn in or extended, locked once or twice, open too long – all essential information is reported in real time.

Creating a custom-configured locking plan is as easy as setting up an email account. The user simply registers at on any web-enabled terminal device and activates their account. The locking plan is now created using the set-up agent. The individual doors, garage doors, barriers and other access points are given appropriate identifiers. Access authorizations and restriction can be allocated to individual persons using time zones. Users are then able to control who has access to different rooms and for how long, and event logging lets you see who accessed which rooms and when.

The whole locking system is ready for use as soon as the system has been custom-configured with the free app. Instead of mechanical keys, users can choose between a digital transponder, a PIN code keypad or opening and closing their doors using their smartphone. There are also digital SmartRelays that can be used to operate devices such as lights, heating and other electrical appliances as well as electrically operated doors, gates and barriers.

The SOHO user can make changes as they wish, adding or removing keys and locks at any time. If a transponder is lost, it can be instantly disabled at the click of a mouse. A replacement is configured just as quickly and is then instantly ready for use.

Apart from different types of digital cylinders, SimonsVoss also provides two starter sets: Mobile Starter Set 1 contains three transponders and the USB programming device, while Mobile Starter Set 2 also includes a PIN code keypad.

An online addition to the MobileKey system will also be available in October 2016. This online version will connect networked locking components directly with the server via a SmartBridge, with system equipment and authorization changes implemented practically in real time. This version will additionally enable doors to be opened remotely, allowing users to open the door for colleagues, delivery staff or other valid persons from a distance.


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