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22.06.2018 - In todays increasingly globalised and mobile business world, unifying your security internationally is becoming ever more essential, but its no easy task. Nedap designed their Glob...

In today’s increasingly globalised and mobile business world, unifying your security internationally is becoming ever more essential, but it’s no easy task. Nedap designed their Global Client Programme to help clients to get it right and ensure they’re protected by the very best physical access control at all of their locations.

Nedap's Global Client Programme is an advanced project rollout system. It supports large multinationals in implementing, maintaining and updating AEOS – the leading access control system – across multiple international sites.
It also ensures that their access control is cyber secure, future-proof and secure by design, so clients can always adapt to future trends and risks. And it puts the focus on people, concentrating on how to make the professional lives of those working in multinationals easier.

Some of the many benefits our Global Platform Programme offers include:

  • Standardisation.
  • Flexibility.
  • Scalability.
  • Cost efficiencies.
  • Shorter implementation times.

AEOS performance optimisation - Future-facing improvements
Nedap's focus is always on the future to ensure AEOS customers have an access control system that’s up to date with no end life. Nedap consistently invests in research and development to achieve this.
Over the last few years, this has led to modifying and adapting 30% of the AEOS codebase and re-writing more than 3 million lines of software code.
The result is huge performance improvements. These changes are, for example, preventing delays during peak periods and enabling customers to expand their systems without hindering performance.

QR codes now available for AEOS - New identifiers give more flexibility
Nedap has added QR codes to the growing list of identifiers that can be used with AEOS access control. AEOS system owners can now generate a QR code in AEOS and automatically email it to a visitor to allow them quick, convenient access.
For example, a visitor can be sent a QR code that gives them access to the car park. On arriving at the car park, the visitor can enter immediately. They don’t have to ring an intercom and wait for it to be answered, and the receptionist doesn’t have to break off from what they’re doing to permit entry.
QR codes are also useful when high volumes of visitors are expected – at an event, for example. Attendees register online and are emailed their QR code. On the day, queues are reduced because visitors can proceed quickly through by presenting their QR code at the reader.
AEOS QR codes can be read by any QR code reader, including the MACE reader from IDS.


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