Network Camera Installation at Hongkong Port

CCTV installation for one of the world's busiest ports

12.02.2010 - Hong Kong is one of the world's busiest ports, as well as one of the most dynamic business, capitals and is governed under a "One Country, Two Systems" arrangement by the People's ...

Hong Kong is one of the world's busiest ports, as well as one of the most dynamic business, capitals and is governed under a "One Country, Two Systems" arrangement by the People's Republic of China. Between the two territories, a number of checkpoints have been set up by the government for travelers. Two of the busiest of these checkpoints are Lok Ma Chau (Chinese: 落馬洲) in Hong Kong's Frontier Closed Area, and Lo Wu Station (Chinese: 羅湖站) in the northern terminus of the East Rail Line of Hong Kong. Lok Ma Chau is a buffer zone established by the Hong Kong government to prevent illegal immigrants from entering from mainland China, while Lo Wu Station serves as a primary checkpoint for rail passengers between Hong Kong and mainland China and vice versa. As with any security checkpoint, it is imperative at both of these areas that sufficient security monitoring is established to reduce the risk of dangerous or suspicious individuals.

Everbest, Vivotek's distributor in Hong Kong, said that the Customs and Immigration Department at those two locations are challenged by the large flow of visitors and require an exceptional monitoring system to support them with large coverage area and remote control/viewing. Thus, they turned to network cameras offered by VIVOTEK to allow users, including senior management, to monitor passenger flow both locally and remotely at any time, especially during peak hours.


In Lok Ma Chau, five PZ6122 PTZ Cameras with enclosures are used for outdoor surveillance. The cameras were installed in the transportation areas to monitor buses, taxis, etc. For indoor surveillance, three SD6122V Speed Dome Cameras were placed at the Passenger Arrival Hall and another four wireless PZ6124 PTZ Cameras in the Passenger Departure Hall. The cameras' pan/tilt functionality gives management comprehensive control over a large coverage area. Additionally, with their 10x zoom capability, the cameras can easily zoom in on distant objects of interest so that the operator can rapidly capture clear-cut images without missing any suspicious activity.

At Lo Wu, at total of 11 units of wireless PZ6124 PTZ Cameras were installed at the Arrival and Passenger Departure Halls. The IP surveillance system helps monitor the passenger flow, watch for potential criminal activities and violence, and ensure passenger safety.


The project was carried out smoothly due to the close collaboration between Vivotek, Everbest, and local officials. Even before the installation, Vivotek conducted several on-site visits/checks, held meetings, and prepared all necessary equipment, such as scaffolding, etc.

Ranking customs officials noted, "We can now monitor the passenger flow much better on major public holidays, including Christmas and Chinese Lunar New Year." Thus, in addition to monitoring for suspicious activity, the officials are able review current procedures from time to time and implement adequate measures to proactively prevent the occurrence of incidents.

In the end, the customer has been very satisfied with the performance of Vivotek network cameras because of the reliability and stability. The company executive also boasted of Vivotek's service as all installation tasks were completed within schedule without delays or problems.



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