The New Hotel Casino Barrière in Lille Opts for IP-Surveillance

05.12.2011 - The new casino hotel in Lille, France opened its doors in spring 2010 in the heart of the city. A veritable leisure center at the cutting edge of innovation, it has benefited from ...

The new casino hotel in Lille, France opened its doors in spring 2010 in the heart of the city. A veritable leisure center at the cutting edge of innovation, it has benefited from the latest technology available, most notably in terms of video surveillance. The Lucien Barrière Group therefore demanded a full IP system to ensure the protection of people and property and adherence to gaming regulations.

The Lucien Barrière Group decided to ensure the security of its casino hotel with 598 network cameras, 90% of which are Axis network cameras. A Genetec video management system and access control system make it possible to visualize and manage the cameras from one single interface.
This 100 % IP security system entirely satisfies the security services of the hotel Casino Barrière Lille. The openness of the system, its easy integration and utilization, as well as the quality of the images supplied correspond to the expectations of a gaming establishment of the Lucien Barrière Group. "The Axis camera models, which we have carefully selected from what is available on the market, correspond perfectly to the specific constraints linked to our profession of gaming casinos" said Mr Cottinet, Head of video surveillance, Lucien Barrière Group.

Networked Cameras
The new Hotel Casino Barrière Lille, which covers 44,000 m² and includes the hotel, conference facilities, a casino, a theater, 3 restaurants and 4 bars, was conceived to be a showcase of current innovation with regard to gaming, animations as well as the technical infrastructure. Convinced of the advantages of the interoperability offered by network video surveillance, Mr Cottinet made the choice to have a network system of cameras for the Lille site.
Tests carried out by the Enghien Casino and the continuity of the installation of around fifty Axis network cameras on the site of the Blotzheim casino allowed Mr Cottinet to validate his choice of equipment. Today there are more than 500 Axis network cameras which ensure the security of the establishment. All of the cameras are managed by Genetec's video surveillance system, Omnicast, which also integrates with Genetec's access control system, Synergis.

This unified solution makes it possible to avoid the risks of "stacking" of the system and reduces risk of breakdown. Operators also avoid having to jump from one system to another. They can monitor both video and access control from a single interface which increases efficiency and keeps training to a minimum. Independent and closed, the video surveillance network is also highly secured and requires authentications.

The constraints of video surveillance in a gaming establishment are numerous. Firstly, the weak light requires cameras which are able to manage light and contrast excellently. The height of the ceilings, such as in the table games room in Lille, means that a powerful zoom for the motorized cameras and a good depth of field for the fixed cameras are required. The tests carried out by Mr Cottinet's teams discovered the following camera models among the Axis range: Axis 209FD, Axis M3011, Axis 216FD and Axis 225FD for fixed domes, Axis 221 for fixed cameras and Axis 214 PTZ for motorized models which make it possible to follow a person and to investigate a scene in detail.

Seal Of Approval
The specific regulations for the gaming industry also requires the ability to certify that gaming takes place according to regulations. General regulations cover the conformity of the installed video surveillance equipment before any new opening. Equipped with an average of one camera per 5 to 6 slot machines and 2.5 cameras per gaming table, the Barrière Casino Lille was verified as being in accordance with regulations. Like all establishments open to the public, casinos are also subject to the declaration of the local prefecture and must adhere to the standards imposed by the Decree of 3 August 2007, as well as the specific clause on gaming of 31 July 2009.

The Genetec unified system provides immense flexibility, allowing the Barrière Casino Lille to add new cameras or doors at their own pace or upgrade to the latest Axis camera models when released. Omnicast's Redundant and Failover Archiving features also help to ensure that the casino will have access to video at all times. Search functions also make it easy for security staff to search through over 100 terabytes of stored video and audio and quickly find what they need. Operators then use Synchronous Playback capabilities to follow and track targets around the casino with the recorded video.
Mr Cottinet is satisfied with the video surveillance installation which he prescribed and developed over almost two years as the blueprint works progressed. He particularly appreciated the openness of the cameras and the video management system, their ease of integration into auxiliary products, the simplicity of the configuration and updating (notably in view of the scope of the system) and the quality of the image created which complies with the requirements of the application.

Even though he is not a direct client of Axis, Mr Cottinet believes to have benefited from a true partnership with the brand. "We were able to explain our specific needs to the personnel of Axis R&D, test products and were informed of future innovations brought to the range of products. This real accompaniment by the manufacturer played an essential role in our choice of solution."




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