Panoramic Megapixel Cameras Set New Benchmarks for Wide Area Surveillance

17.04.2013 - High definition megapixel cameras can cover larger areas with fewer cameras while delivering superior detail and improving overall security operations. This translates into lower i...

High definition megapixel cameras can cover larger areas with fewer cameras while delivering superior detail and improving overall security operations. This translates into lower infrastructure costs and improved overall return on investment (ROI), enabling users to deploy less expensive video systems with megapixel cameras while achieving better performance and functionality. These efficiencies become even more compelling when deploying panoramic view megapixel camera systems.

Securing large areas with adequate camera coverage can be challenging, and the use of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras often does not suffice in these applications. A PTZ camera can only be pointed in one direction at a time and can miss important or security-threatening events in another part of the coverage area. Panoramic view cameras don‘t miss anything - a single 180° or 360° panoramic view camera can cover a large area that would require many conventional cameras or multiple PTZ cameras. The following real-world examples demonstrate how panoramic view cameras can simplify and lower the cost of a video surveillance system:

At a gasoline station in South Africa, three Arecont Vision 180° panoramic view cameras provide detailed images of the fueling islands while an Arecont Vision 360° panoramic view camera keeps watch inside the store. The cameras are positioned strategically for wide-area coverage, with the ability to digitally zoom in for a close-up of specific parts of a larger image - a person‘s face or a license plate number - without losing detail.

At a supermarket distribution center in Colorado, an Arecont Vision 180° panoramic camera is installed outdoors on the side of the building to watch the guard shack, trucking lanes, parking area and shipping/receiving. The 20-megapixel day/night panoramic camera provides a complete view of the property, replacing a PTZ camera that provided only a limited angle both for live and recorded views. In contrast, the 180° panoramic camera captures the entire scene in high resolution with a much larger field- of-view. A heater-blower enables the camera to operate in temperature extremes.

At a police department in New York State, Arecont Vision 8-megapixel, 180° cameras are installed at the front and back entrance for exterior video coverage. The wide panoramic field-of-view eliminates the costs for additional cameras and pan-tilt-zoom units. The Arecont Vision cameras automatically switch from color to black and white at night.

An Arecont Vision 180° megapixel camera provides a comprehensive view to enable police to watch for illegal dumping at a waste center in Pennsylvania. The system has made it possible for the police to identify and issue citations to people who discard unauthorized items. The system can clearly see what people are disposing of and identify their faces and the license plates of their vehicles.

180° and 360° Camera Capabilities
These examples demonstrate how panoramic cameras enable the user to view and record an entire large field-of-view while simultaneously digitally zooming into multiple regions of interest, something a PTZ cannot do.

Panoramic view cameras are available with 180° and 360° imaging capabilities, and 8- or 20-megapixel resolutions (which will continue to increase). This allows even larger areas to be viewed with the ability to capture precise details. A panoramic camera with 20-megapixel resolution can replace many analog or standard definition IP cameras to provide comprehensive and continuous coverage of a large area. This includes PTZ cameras which can be pointed in the wrong direction when events of interest occur.

The latest 20- and 8-megapixel panoramic view cameras have also been enhanced with day/night functionality. Using one camera instead of many establishes a new benchmark for cost savings by requiring fewer software licenses, less network infrastructure, and the elimination of the additional poles, cabling and power supplies required for installation.

Firmly in the Mainstream
Once thought of for use exclusively in specialty applications, panoramic megapixel cameras offer overall performance benefits and cost efficiencies that make them appropriate for a wide range of mainstream video surveillance applications.

Complete and continuous coverage of an area is especially important to ensure that there is forensic-quality video of an event for investigation and/or prosecution. Resolution is also a key aspect of video coverage, whether it‘s a parking lot or a city street outdoors, or an auditorium, atrium or other large area indoors or out. High resolution megapixel cameras can deliver usable video of an event, including details of faces and identifiable license plate numbers, to help improve overall safety and security.



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