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The Cooperation of Bosch and Siemens

01.12.2009 - In October the two companies Cisco and Pelco surprised the market with an extensive cooperation in the field of IP video cameras. Now, Siemens Building Technologies Division and Bo...

In October the two companies Cisco and Pelco surprised the market with an extensive cooperation in the field of IP video cameras. Now, Siemens Building Technologies Division and Bosch have announced their future cooperation in the field of video surveillance. For GIT SECURITY, Dr. Heiko Baumgartner had the opportunity to speak about the cooperation with Frank Pedersen, CEO of the Business Unit Security Solutions of Siemens Building Technologies Division and Gert van Iperen, President of Bosch Security Systems.

In your press release, you talk about a strategic alliance in the field of video systems. What form will the cooperation between the two companies take in the future?

F. Pedersen: Bosch is one of our “tier one” strategic suppliers, especially for video products. We will enter into a very intensive relationship with Bosch and closely integrate their products into our solutions. We will also work together with Bosch for future products and offers.

G. van Iperen: In the context of this partnership we will supply Siemens with a comprehensive range of video products. Our wide range of products offers Siemens the opportunity to provide a state-of-the-art video surveillance solution for all applications. Cooperation with customers such as Siemens gives us the opportunity to continually improve our range. Integration of Bosch video products into the existing Siemens systems landscape is also a significant factor for success, as with this Siemens will be able to offer its customer even more comprehensive integrated system solutions.

Up to now, Siemens and Bosch have been direct competitors. How will you now explain your close cooperation in a limited field to your customers?

F. Pedersen: The cooperation between Bosch and Siemens has a long history – I only need to mention Bosch and Siemens consumer appliances – therefore a close cooperation is nothing new.

G. van Iperen: We are only active in the same business sector in Germany and Holland. On a global level, Bosch is a manufacturer and supplier of security products, whereas Siemens Building Technology is an installer and system integrator. Are you considering the inclusion of video products from other manufacturers in your range? F. Pedersen: The cooperation with Bosch is not exclusive. As a system integrator which does not depend on particular products, we will also cater for other customers´ requirements. What innovations can Bosch – and in future Siemens customers – expect from the Bosch video technology product pipeline? G. van Iperen: Bosch continually works to expand of its range of products. For example, in 2010, the Dinion 2X cameras will be supplesupplemented with an IP version. The Bosch IP 200 series of cameras will be extended to include new models such as minidomes and megapixel versions. The Divar digital recorder family will also be supplemented by further analog and IP recorders.

Are there plans to extend the cooperation to other fields of security technology in the future?

F. Pedersen: Our long-term strategy is to have a few, but intensive partnerships.

G. van Iperen: Our objective has always been to build up long-term, sustainable relationships with our partners and customers. Therefore we are always open for extending this partnership.


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