Review: International Security Expo 2018


13.02.2019 - The two-day International Security Expo in the Grand Hall at Olympia, London, 28th to 29th November 2018, was co-located this time
with the new International Disaster Response Ex...

The two-day International Security Expo in the Grand Hall at Olympia, London, 28th to 29th November 2018, was co-located this time
with the new International Disaster Response Expo.

In his keynote speech on the second day, Ben Wallace, Britain’s Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime, stressed the changing security challenges which we face at all levels of the modern world. However, he was particularly concerned about retaining an effective security partnership between the UK and Europe in the aftermath of Brexit, so as to protect the public from terrorists and criminals.
Within the 8000m2 Grand Hall, the ISE event showcased security solutions from more than 300 exhibitors around the world and featured 205 speakers in a total of 13 high-profile Conferences and Workshops encompassing every major aspect of the security industry.
The Conferences included: Aviation & Border Security; Critical National Infrastructure; Designing Out Terrorism; Education Security; Facilities Management Security; Hotel Security; Retail Security; Maritime & Transport Security; Protecting Crowded Places & Countering Terrorism; Night-Time Economy Security; Crisis Response & Business Continuity; Cyber, Data & Information Security.
A fascinating new feature was the Protecting Urban Spaces Demonstrator. In this 300m2 area some 30 products and technologies were pulling in the crowds to the scenario-based Drone & Counter-IED Demonstration Area.

Then, working at ISE with the Security Institute based in Warwickshire, the national UK youth organisation Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) has embarked upon an initiative to inspire young people aged 13 to 18 to both support their local communities in combating crime and explain to them the practicalities of modern policing. The cadets visiting ISE, pictured here, had the privilege of a private meeting with Admiral Lord West, former First Sea Lord and now Chair of the ISE. The Admiral spoke at length to the assembled cadets about today's key security issues and organisations and the need to keep communities safe. He also had inspirational advice for their future life choices and potential careers.

The event in the Grand Hall at Olympia, London, showcased a wide range of practical solutions, including a host of ingenious product innovations from exhibitors. Accordingly, we at GIT SECURITY have picked out below ten of those technologies at International Security Expo, which particularly attracted our editorial interest, featuring them alphabetically for your ease of reference.
We start with the new version WinGuard X4 from Advancis. It is a vendor-neutral, scalable, open architecture, command-and-control platform, integrating and unifying the control of disparate security, building automation, IT and communication systems through a single interface for real-time incident handling. It is of most benefit in major infrastructure projects, typically ranging from datacentres, banks, office blocks and prisons to public utilities, schools, sports stadia and museums.
Next, physical security specialists Cova Security Gates launched an interesting new Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) product. Their surface-fixed bi-folding gate has been engineered to protect against a Class N1 vehicle weighing 3500kg (7700lb) impacting at 30mph (48km/h).
Heras provides an impressive level of protection against vandalism, intrusion and terrorist activity, thanks to the combination of its anti-climb 358 mesh system, secure foundations and security toppings, such as barbed wire. The product range includes the Zenith SR1, SR2 and SR3, each offering a different level of protection depending on customer needs. The most robust, triple skin Zenith SR3 will protect critical assets such as high-security areas in power stations, research centres, oil and gas terminals, military and utility sites.
Honeywell Security were busy demonstrating to visitors the features and benefits of their cloud-based Maxpro Cloud integrated security and business intelligence system, one of the first innovations from the group’s Connected Building Solutions platform. Designed for small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it provides real-time, scalable, access control and video surveillance, all to your mobile device for on-the-go management and protection of your people, property and assets in single or multiple buildings.
iCetana were showing AI-assisted video monitoring. iCetana’s software solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically self-learn ‘normal activity’ on every camera and only display ‘abnormal activity’ in real time. The system is machine learnt, in real time and infinitely scalable, without the need for complex rules and continuous maintenance. Operators can respond to exceptional security, safety and operational issues when it matters, and nothing is missed.
The costly, enforced closure of Gatwick Airport runways before Christmas owing to rogue drones has spurred the quest for viable solutions to the problem. The innovative SkyWall 300, mounted net capture system, independently evaluated by the US Government at their Black Dart event in Indiana over a two-week period in September 2018, is shown to reliably neutralise the threat from commercially available, rotary and fixed-wing drone types overflying critical national infrastructure (CNI), airports, borders, prisons, public buildings, VIPs and so forth. The solution is available from an ISE exhibitor and OEM Openworks Engineering. SkyWall 300 neutralises drones at range by launching a projectile which is timed to deploy in front of the target and entangle it in a net.
SafeLane Global counter explosive and hazardous material threats and security risks (such as in aircraft, using a detection dog team as pictured here in North Africa). SafeLane are expert in the clearance of land mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) – on land and in water, successfully delivering detection, protection and area clearance.
Smiths Detection has gained ECAC EDS CB C3 approval for its innovative Hi-Scan 6040 CTiX checkpoint scanner based on Computed Tomography. This eliminates the need to remove electronic devices and liquids from hand luggage, thus expediting screening at passenger checkpoints, giving a better passenger experience and reducing operational costs. The impressive 0.2m/s belt speed and low false alarm rate also speed up the process. And, to minimise upgrade costs, the new scanner is easily incorporated into existing checkpoint lanes.
Winsted experts are on hand with their free, five-star design service, addressing the precise demands and ergonomics of your control room operations, to markedly reduce fatigue, improve comfort and optimise efficiency. To assist this, Winsted’s WELS4 control room design software now comes with a completely redesigned user interface, faster graphics engine and expanded work surface and side panel options.
Attracting a regular flow of visitors, The Body-Worn Cameras manufacturer Wireless CCTV (WCCTV) offer live transmission of video, two-way audio, real-time alerts and GPS information via 4G, 3G and wi-fi connectivity. It is a single unit, with no external cables, battery packs, transmission units or tethering. The transmission element enables a remote connection to a body-worn camera in the field, allowing an operator to view live video, communicate with the wearer and understand their position via GPS. Alternatively, wearers of the device can send an alert back to a control room, monitoring station or command centre with their live video, GPS location details and a request for assistance.

The ten stands on which we have focussed give you an appreciation of the more significant and innovative security technologies which attracted 11,753 visitors from over 75 countries to the Olympia, London, exhibition centre. The eagerly awaited 2019 International Security Expo will be held from 3rd to 4th December at the same central London venue. Register your interest for 3 & 4 December at



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