Samsung Techwin: launch of a complete range of speed domes

26.06.2012 - Samsung Techwin: launch of a complete range of speed domes. Speed domes have proven to be very advantageous for a lot of applications. They are extremely useful where one camera ca...

Samsung Techwin: launch of a complete range of speed domes. Speed domes have proven to be very advantageous for a lot of applications. They are extremely useful where one camera can be used to monitor a wide area and track moving objects e.g. in transport, retail and city centre installations. On the other hand in the past for a lot of installations speed domes were not used because they cost more than a fixed dome and speed domes have moving parts that can cause problems. Also there was a high need to man these PTZ cameras so that you do not miss any incidents.

Motion Detection and Lower Costs

With video analytics tools and lower prices for modern speed domes, these cameras become more and more attractive. Object detection and motion detection are features that actively alert security personnel to incidents so they can turn their attentions to the relevant camera. In applications that are lightly manned, a combination of intelligent detection functionality and speed dome capability are even more advantageous when it comes to improving workflow.

Samsung Techwin has now launched a complete range of new speed domes that take advantage of the new technology and that are so reasonable priced that speed domes are the best option for a lot of projects. “We now have one or more high performance speed dome to match any CCTV project from small shops and offices to large applications such as shopping centres, car parks and public spaces,” said Peter Ainsworth, Product Manager for Samsung Techwin’s professional security division.

Seven models in the range share the same design and are suitable for use internally with a range of outdoor housing options for external operation in all-weather environments down to -40 °C. “Hot-swap” back boxes with integrated memory allow a site to benefit from a flexible surveillance solution where any of the seven models can be quickly relocated from back-box to back-box.

The World’s First 37x-Zoom

Continuous 360° rotation, privacy masking, DIS (Digital Image Stabilization), motion detection, multi-language on-screen display and preset, learn and group tour functions with 500° per second pan are all included as standard. There new speed dome models are available with 27x, 33x, and the world’s first 37x zoom module options, ensuring that all viewing demands can be met.

Two models within the range, the SPD-3700T and SPD-3750T, benefit from Samsung Techwin’s automatic tracking function, which can automatically track subjects and zoom in on them for evidence gathering purposes without any operator intervention. This functionality can be essential for applications such as out of office hours surveillance and perimeter protection. Selected models have enhanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) functionality for use in challenging lighting conditions.

The eighth model in the range, the SPD-1000, offers 350° pan at 100° per second, shares many features of its counterparts and comes complete with a 10x optical zoom module. This makes it suitable for virtually any internal application. All models benefit from true day/night operation, integrated IR-cut filter and Samsung Techwin’s unique Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology to eliminate image noise, ghosting and blurring in low light conditions – which can save up to 70% hard disk recording and bandwidth space.

All eight new models are now available to installers and users throughout Europe now.


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