Security and Safety under the Sun - Intersec 2016

01.12.2015 - When Intersec 2016 will open its doors from January 17th to 19th in Dubai the show promises to be even bigger. After the record year in 2015, the show will present over 1,300 exhib...

When Intersec 2016 will open its doors from January 17th to 19th in Dubai the show promises to be even bigger. After the record year in 2015, the show will present over 1,300 exhibitors that will showcase a truly comprehensive range of products across five broad sections, including Commercial Security, Information Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health and Homeland Security & Policing.

The last edition of Intersec in January 2015 featured 1,234 exhibitors and welcomed more than 27,303 visitors from 118 countries which made it the largest Intersec of all times. The most important business platform worldwide and the no. 1 in the MENA region is far more than a successful meeting platform. This is where new projects and partnerships are initiated, where visionary objectives are conceived and implemented.

New sub-product sections will be also introduced during the 18th edition of the show: Smart Home & Home Automation Equipment, Safety Design in Buildings and Physical & Perimeter Security.

Smart Home
Intersec 2016 will for the first time present the concept of Smart & Safe Home Automation through its international platform. The technology has seen rampant growth and development. The market in the GCC has not only begun to realize the benefits in terms of comfort, security, and luxury, but also in terms of energy saving and increasing property value, thus all these realizations will continue to lead to a booming market in the GCC.

According to KippReport, the Middle East is approximately ten per cent of the expected Smart home market, which is expected to grow to more than USD 55.8 billion by 2020. Whether it is temperature, lighting, AV control, security or parking system, the modern home is controlled by your fingertips.

The global smart home market has an exhaustive product portfolio. The smart homes market has been segmented by product into energy management systems, HVAC control, entertainment control, security and access control. The energy management system is further segmented into smart devices and lighting control solutions. Different security & access control product solutions included are intrusion detection system, video surveillance, motion sensors, touch screen, and keypads. There will be a Smart Home LIVE Demonstration area in Hall 1-G11 to discover smart solutions for the business.

Safety Design in Buildings
Another novelty for 2016 will be the Fire Section - Safety Design in Buildings Pavilion. Fire in a building with inadequate fire protection features can present severe problems and create complexity in a fire fighting operation. This inevitably causes deficiency in the protection of occupants from fire and smoke during the egress or evacuation.

However UAE requires a Code of Practice that suits the local trend and concept as well as the firefighting operational needs. It is the policy of the Civil Defence to impose measure to minimize the risk of Fire and to ensure the Safety of life and property. The purpose of this code is to prescribe minimum guidelines for property owner, designers, consultants, Décor companies, Contractors, suppliers, installation and maintenance companies who are obliged to follow the minimum requirements of these codes and regulations. With this in mind, for the very first time, Intersec is introducing the Safety Design in Buildings Pavilion after supporting a successful series of SDiB Conferences within the GCC.

Physical & Perimeter Security
The demand for perimeter and physical security systems is growing rapidly due to increasing instances of threats and high technological and product advancements, aiming to reduce the costs involved in security management. The global perimeter security market is estimated to grow from $11.6 billion in 2013 to $17.7 billion in 2018. Physical security market, which has been valued at $55.59 billion in 2013, is estimated to be worth $87.95 billion by 2019. Following the swift growth in global and regional perimeter and physical security markets, Intersec 2016 will feature a new stand-alone section for Perimeter & Physical Security.

Industry Experts at Intersec Conferences
Led by high-profile international speakers and supported by Dubai Police and the Directorate General of Civil Defence – Dubai, the conferences are an ideal platform for industry experts to discuss and analyse new developments, innovations, legislation and changing paradigms within the regional safety and security industry. Intersec 2016 will feature a selection of 4 value-add conferences including:

Fire Safety Conference
This conference will focus on fire detection, suppression and mitigation as well as highlight human behaviour in fire situations. Safety standards and fire safety codes will be discussed as well as fire prevention and protection. Fire risk assessment and fire systems design will also be addressed to assist professionals in evaluating their fire safety and property protection goals.

Commercial Security Conference
The one-day conference will discuss the most pressing corporate security challenges that can plague businesses. Many businesses struggle to absorb the effects of these practices and are often forced to utilise increasingly more complex commercial security measures to combat theft, fraud, vandalism and assault. With a growing number of corporate security solutions that are not only more effective, they can also save businesses money.

Occupational Safety Conference
Developing and implementing an effective occupational safety management system ensures safety of operations and enables organizations to monitor and manage risks related to the working environment. The one day conference will provide the knowledge on how to systematically improve health and safety to ensure a sound and healthy working environment for employees. It will also encourage employees to perform to their best. This will in turn improve the financial results. Improved occupational safety and health enhances productivity by reducing the number of interruptions in the work processes, reducing absences, decreasing the number of accidents and improving work efficiency.

Safety Design in Buildings Conference
The Safety Design in Buildings conference is a regular GCC-wide debating platform for best practice dialogues between safety professionals of the construction industry and authorities. The conference addresses fire safety and evacuation strategies, material as well as safety system requirements for high occupancy buildings.

Intersec Your Fingertips: The Intersec 2016 App
GIT SECURITY will be the official media partner of Messe Frankfurt Middle East for the Intersec 2016 App. The App is especially developed for the upcoming Intersec trade fair in Dubai, providing Intersec visitors with a helpful overview. Clearly structured according to all main topics, the app is a useful navigation tool for MENA region‘s leading trade fair for   Security  ,  Safety  and Fire Protection.  

With a few clicks visitors will find all necessary information about exhibitors and the trade fair itself – fast access is granted with the overall search function. The dynamic map with a 3D hall and floor plan provides a comprehensive overview of the whole exhibition area and the following themed tours: Fire & Rescue, Perimeter and Physical Security, Oil & Gas, Construction, Banking and Smart Home. All tours will provide a targeted visitor guide through the Intersec trade fair.

The Intersec 2016 App will deliver mobile orientation at its best and will be available for a free download in the App stores starting mid December for iOS and Android.