A Security Management System for Puyang Tobacco Board Mission

29.05.2012 - In order to enhance security capabilities and reduce potential safety problems in the eight branches of the Puyang Tobacco Board, the use of a network camera surveillance system be...

In order to enhance security capabilities and reduce potential safety problems in the eight branches of the Puyang Tobacco Board, the use of a network camera surveillance system became necessary. This monitoring system mainly targets three areas: activities of the company's internal and external personnel, security of the surrounding environment, and warehouse management and control.

The Solution
With the increased business volume and accelerated pace of operations of the Puyang Tobacco Board, the staff's internal activities have also picked up. In order to ensure the security and stability of the logistics and sales office as well as file storage, and to ensure the safety of public properties, the network camera surveillance system requires the following functionalities:

  • Real-time high-definition video surveillance on each main entrance
  • Ability to record video of each monitored location for security reasons
  • Effectively ensure safe operations at production sites according to standards, and examination of outgoing materials and worker discipline
  • Real-time monitoring of the transfer of materials at each main entrance
  • Ability to adjust the focus of camera lenses to clearly monitor the specific details of vehicles entering and leaving the premise
  • Monitoring of the actual production line workers at all times

"The installation of a network video surveillance system will ensure that the management of the Tobacco Board can perform timely and accurate assessment and examination of the work and efficiency of the staff from all departments.", explains Zhang Maodi, Platform Manager at Digital China in Zhengzhou. "The surveillance system realized a systematic, scientific, modernized and unified management. Through the monitoring and control of main areas and key points, it provides an intuitive grasp of video information, further enhancing our security technology, our management efficiency and shortening our response time."

In response to these requirements, Axis and its partner Digital China designed a network video surveillance system for Puyang Tobacco Board to perform 24/7 monitoring of the office counters and warehouses of all eight branches. Axis 216FD Network Dome Cameras were installed in each of the warehouse and office locations, with flexible adjustment for the focus of camera lenses based on actual monitoring needs.

Axis M1113 Network Cameras were installed at the entrances of the company to continuously monitor personnel entering and leaving the premise and the surrounding activities. This network video surveillance system includes the monitoring system for the production environment and video surveillance of office areas. The system utilizes network cameras to perform real-time and effective monitoring, video display and video recording of the entrances, office areas, storage areas, and the personnel entering and leaving the premises of each of the eight branches. At the same time, the system employs advanced decoding, storage and network transmission technology to realize remote monitoring, video transmission, intelligent control and historical data query.

The system is based on the newly planned specialized network for monitoring, which can achieve ten gigabit bandwidth for the backbone and one gigabit bandwidth to the workstations. It is an advanced high-speed network that can simultaneously support the integrated transmission of data and video. A control room was also set up in the monitoring center which can perform information gathering, storage, analysis and examination of each control points of the logistics building. It can also control and monitor all sites and areas under surveillance.

Continuous 24/7 Video Surveillance
Axis and Digital China have constructed an advanced digitized, interlinked and intelligent network video surveillance system for the Puyang Tobacco Board. The system has a clear hierarchy, distributed intelligence, distributed configuration and centralized management.

At the same time, the front end of the network video surveillance system employs standardized, scalable and upgradeable hardware, which means that while it can be implemented all at once, it is also reusable. The monitoring system uses the common TCP/IP protocol for transmission. In addition to video surveillance system applications, the front-end equipment can also provide standard networked video data for other applications, thus realizing a multi-purposed system, providing high performance with a low cost while allowing good scalability, thus maximizing the investment of the client, achieving optimal return on capital.

After the system is completed, it can perform continuous 24/7 video surveillance of targets within the premise, while storing the video data for up to 7 days. It can also save the recorded data onto optical media while performing real-time monitoring and recording of unexpected events, thus providing audio and visual evidence which can aid the police in solving cases or provide technical support for emergency measures of plant security. In terms of security incidents, this system can be used to search the stored images after the incident has occurred, lock onto and track suspects, thus providing timely information to protect the staff and firsthand information to fight crime.


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