Sicurezza 2017: Numbers, Trends and Innovation Workshop

Initiatives and Trainings for Evolving Professionals

12.09.2017 - With three halls (3, 5 and 7), over 450 exhibitors, an extensive training programme featuring over 100 events and an ever growing international presence, Sicurezza 2017 will be ret...

With three halls (3, 5 and 7), over 450 exhibitors, an extensive training programme featuring over 100 events and an ever growing international presence, Sicurezza 2017 will be returning to Fiera Milano from 15 to 17 November.

An ongoing challenge that has involved Sicurezza for the last 35 years, during which the trade show has been transformed from a simple product showcase to a marketwide opportunity for networking, discussion and evolution.

Numbers, Trends and Innovation Workshop
With an overall turnover of over 2.2 billion euros in 2016 in Italy, up by 5.1% when compared to 2015 (Source: ANIE Sicurezza), the Italian security and building automation market is now more committed than ever to identifying new commercial outlets, but also to finding advanced solutions for application contexts that were previously not considered sensitive.

The event set to take place this November will see an increase in the number of exhibitors taking part (+26%), with an international presence equating to 17% (up by 50% when compared to the previous edition), representing an extremely positive trend. A clear indicator of the growing importance of the event in Europe, which has been facilitated by the move to odd years.

A process of internationalisation that also involves growing project investments from incoming buyers. There will be 200 top buyers selected due to their spending power from 36 different countries (Mediterranean Basin, Balkans, Europe, Baltic States, Middle East, North Africa), who will enter into direct contact with the exhibitors through meetings scheduled and managed through My Matching. In fact, thanks to the system designed by Fiera Milano, the exhibitors will be able to identify any profiles of interest and schedule appointments to take place at the fair before the event starts, saving time and multiplying business opportunities.

Topics 2017
2017 will provide a complete overview of the market owing to the excellent representativeness of all the various sectors, from video surveillance with the presence of both Italian and international key players, to access control and anti-intrusion with solutions for each and every field of application. Passive security will also be represented by leading brands from both the lock and safe-making sectors. The offer provided by the fire-prevention sector, in terms of both detection and suppression, is expanding and the area reserved for drones used for security purposes is growing in importance. A substantial number of the Italian Armed Forces and Law Enforcement will also exhibit and will be presenting some of the most advanced security solutions used for surveillance and protection purposes.

In keeping with a trend that the market has long since made its own, integration between technologies and solutions designed on the basis of specific requirements for each application context will be the focus of the exhibition offer. Precision and reliability, immediacy, the secure management of data and versatility represent the key characteristics of the technological proposals: hence, in the same way that the access control sector has seen electronic locks with increasingly sophisticated fingerprint readers, capable of archiving and monitoring thousands of different users, the video surveillance sector has seen the introduction of video cameras that produce HD images in all types of lighting and atmospheric conditions, effectively becoming indispensable monitoring systems that can even be used for forensic purposes, while the anti-intrusion segment is becoming progressively more oriented towards the integration of home or office management functions that can be controlled remotely via apps. Moreover, increasingly evolved modular solutions and data transmission systems now allow for the transfer of vast quantities of information in real time from all the various types of sensors, with the possibility of identifying anomalies and immediately monitoring situations and activities.

Initiatives and Training for Evolving Professionals
In the context of today’s technological evolution, important changes are also currently taking place in all the technical and commercial professions relating to the security industry.

The installers as well as the security manager and all those responsible for security now represent the nerve centre of the security and fire sector, they are ‘processors’, whose skills and training are fundamental to rendering all types of systems efficient, in both the public and private domain.

Sicurezza 2017 has dedicated a number of initiatives to these evolving professional figures.

With this in mind, an arena that will play host to an extensive programme of meetings during the trade show will be dedicated to the new European Regulation on privacy. Audit privacy is this year’s brand-new initiative: visitors and exhibitors will be able to get a preliminary verification and initial check-up (free of charge and directly at the fair), in compliance with their company’s privacy policy in light of the new European Regulation.

The village dedicated to ICT and to the most innovative solutions in terms of products for cyber security, video surveillance, the Internet of Things, storage and connectivity will be making a comeback.

Important Italian and international companies and UAV flight schools will participate in the area dedicated to drones, where it will also be possible to see the drones at work. It will be an opportunity to see a number of models used by law enforcement, local police, private security firms, fire brigades and the Italian Red Cross for rescue interventions in areas hit by natural disasters.

There will also be a space dedicated to security solutions for businesses and the mass market distribution industry, which will host discussions between retail professionals and technology manufacturers on tailor-made solutions for all the various types of stores as well as dedicated vertical solutions.

The extensive Sicurezza training programme envisages over 100 meetings over three days focused on the sector’s most compelling and current topics: the new privacy regulation and how it will affect professionals, data protection and management, the smart city, urban mobility and security, counter terrorism, the new standards that will affect professional qualifications, the Internet of Things, the use of artificial intelligence for security purposes, building automation and the role of security in building design.

Moreover, the event will be an opportunity to present the findings of important research studies that help to identify benchmarks and examples of excellence and to take stock of specific customer requirements.

In fact, the findings of the Observatory on the realisation of Smart & Safe City models in Italian cities and the summary of two surveys commissioned by Fiera Milano (Ipsos on an Italian’s perception and ANCI Lombardia on the diffusion and use of security solutions in the Italian cities), will be presented and will provide an overview of the requirements and needs of the market, both on the public and private side.

Strategic Synergies: Smart Building Expo and Itassicura
The current push towards new and progressively across-the-board application contexts has meant that dialogue with professionals outside of the security sector but in nonetheless interconnected and complementary industries is now a requisite.

Subsequently, two highly interesting events have been scheduled to take place at the same time as Sicurezza, which will welcome new technologies and new professions akin to the role of security operators.

Smart Building Expo will be making its debut in Milan. The project has been realised thanks to the collaboration between Pentastudio, a communication and marketing company with years of experience in the new technologies and telecommunications sector, and Fiera Milano, intended to present an articulated and exhaustive overview of the smart building concept. The event, which will occupy part of hall 3 and will be open to all those visiting Sicurezza, will provide an extensive overview of vertical cabling, Internet of Things applications, system integration standards, Audio-Video and digital signage.

Moreover, an extensive schedule of workshops will provide valuable information on new aspects that will impact on smart building: the correct application of art. 135a of the Consolidated Building Law, i.e. on the predisposition of buildings to broadband reception; Smart Lighting and energy saving systems; vertical workshops on the diverse applications and on the training of designers as regards the new Audio-Video content; BIM designing as a main means for the integration of systems and their correct maintenance.

Last but not least, there will also be a symbolic moment that will see the event host the Smart Building 2017 award ceremony, to spotlight and raise the profile of the smart building concept, intended for customers, designers and builders who are mindful of the digital revolution in the construction industry.

There will also be a two-day event that will take place at the same time as Sicurezza and will be dedicated to professionals within the insurance industry, a sector that is becoming increasingly synergistic with the security segment, which is currently experiencing a period of great transformation with implications for the industry as a whole.

It is in this context that the first ever edition of Itassicura will be taking place, the exhibition-convention specialised in the organisation of sector events, with the media partnership of the Osservatorio, the online magazine dedicated to the insurance industry.

An eventful schedule of conventions, workshops and meetings that will be held at the Fiera Milano ‘Stella Polare’ Conference Centre on the 16 and 17 November, will enable visitors to discuss, analyse and compare opinions on topics relating to the radical changes of a financial, technological, operational and environmental nature.

The aim of the event is to enable the insurers to meet with the market as a whole and, at the same time, promote a more positive image of the insurance industry, which still suffers prejudice and the repercussions of a negative legacy.

The planned topics up for discussion range from the survey on the requirements of insurance to establish effective insurance cover and new insurance marketing strategies to compulsory policies for natural disasters and building security. There will also be a focus on the future of insurance brokering in e-commerce and on the prospects for insurance arbitration as a means to reduce disputes.

More specifically, the event is intended for insurance groups, banks, insurance firms, brokers, professionals, condominium administrators, builders and reclaimers, as well as the car industry and all the derived satellite activities. All the participants, given the synergy with the security sector and the potential interest shown in the exhibition solutions, will also be able to visit Sicurezza.

Visiting Sicurezza without Wasting Time and Money
Business is business and Sicurezza is ready to satisfy the requirements of any operator who wishes to focus on their visit without wasting too much time organising their trip and waiting in line at the turnstiles. With this in mind, thanks to the online pre-registration service, which is already available on the event website, it is possible to purchase or book your ticket. In the first instance, your ticket will be delivered straight to your inbox and you will be able to directly access the event using the Fast Lane turnstiles, avoiding the long queues at the gate. Tickets purchased online cost 8 euros instead of 15.

Alternatively, you can book your ticket and pay at the gate: our pre-registration service entitles you to a discount on your ticket, meaning that you will pay 10 euros instead of 15.

Moreover, MiCodmc, the official Fiera Milano travel agents specialised in Milan as a travel destination is at the exhibitors’ and visitors’ disposal, thanks to the company’s extensive knowledge of the area, the best hotels, the most en-vogue locations and the most reliable service providers, to organise trips, overnight stays and visits, proposing the best offers to satisfy all and any specific requirement concerning the travel arrangements of those visiting Sicurezza.


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