SimonsVoss Has Extended its MobileKey Access System

13.07.2018 - Available as from Q3 2018, the succinctly named Pincode keyboard from SimonsVoss enhances the companys already well-established MobileKey access system. This electronic system is d...

Available as from Q3 2018, the succinctly named Pincode keyboard from SimonsVoss enhances the company‘s already well-established MobileKey access system. This electronic system is designed for small business units or domestic premises with up to 20 doors and 100 users.
Convenience comes in many forms; with regard to access control and today‘s electronic locking systems, we‘re already served far better than with a pocket or handbag full of clunky mechanical keys. Gone are the problems of having to repair jacket or trouser pockets caused by the metal constantly wearing the material away. Gone also are the problems of the keys that slipped through the hole and were lost, causing a frantic and expensive lock replacement. Today‘s ‚keys‘ are either small and light transponders, the mobile ‚phone that you‘re already carrying with you, or now also the numeric keypad fitted at the door in question.

Open Options
The basic and simple-to-install MobileKey system consists just of electronic lock cylinders and transponders. No cable is necessary, no drilling through walls, no finding spare power points because all components are battery-powered. Their replacement will not be necessary for many months, if not years because current consumption is extremely low. If garage doors and motor-driven gates should also be controlled by the same system, the company‘s optional SmartRelais is installed to pass on the commands. And if really remote control of doors and system administration would be an advantage, then the manufacturer‘s own secure servers will provide the link to any Internet-capable device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc.) anywhere in the world. Being able to turn on the sauna at home just before you leave the office, for example, is reaching the epitome of convenience.
Of course, with the slim and elegant Pincode keypad installed near the doors, family, staff and authorized visitors will have very simple and immediate access by entering the 4 to 8-digit code. That is, if access at that particular time of day is actually allowed, because the keypad can be programmed only to open the door according to a previously-arranged time plan.

Who, Where and When
The free web app associated with the system can be easily understood within minutes and is used to set up the system components, authorizations and times via an intuitive GUI. Additional components added later on are added here and – should it happen – lost transponders can be made permanently inoperative. A door monitoring function will report in real time if a door has been left open. Unexpected but friendly guests can also be granted access to your building by using the so-called Key4Friends. This is a temporary ‚key‘ that is sent by email to a mobile ‚phone – the duration of its validity – up to 6 months – can be freely chosen. And who are you going to invite at the weekend?


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