SimonsVoss Launches Small Access Control Solution

18.06.2015 - Since the market launch of its 3060 digital locking and access control system in 1998, SimonsVoss has remodeled its locking technology, which had previously focused on mechanical s...

Since the market launch of its 3060 digital locking and access control system in 1998, SimonsVoss has remodeled its locking technology, which had previously focused on mechanical systems. It is now regarded as a technology leader for battery-operated electronic locking and access control systems. Whereas many larger companies have already embraced digital locking systems, smaller companies have had reservations about the cost-effectiveness of such systems till now.

Small companies can now breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to security and access control because SimonsVoss now offers their Starter-System, a simplified version of its Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060, making it easy to switch from a mechanical lock system to a digital one at a low cost. The Starter-System brings the advantages of digital lock systems to small installations with up to 20 doors and 100 authorized access users.

Integral components to this small solution are digital locking cylinders and small, round, digital transponders, the modern replacement for keys, which open doors at the press of a button in the same way as electronic car keys. Powered by battery, they use radio signals to communicate with the locking cylinder. The Starter-System includes a software CD and a USB configuration device, which transfers data from the computer to the system hardware, locking cylinders and transponders. Prospective customers can use the configurator on the company‘s Starter-System website to assemble individual components into a system suited to their needs.

Advantage: Digital
The advantages of this mini digital system are self-evident: lost keys – missing transponders in this case – no longer pose a problem. A transponder can be easily deactivated in the lock plan to prevent the person who has it from gaining access. This also means that there is no need to replace door cylinders. If new employees join the company, the administrator simply programs a new transponder for them.

The easy-to-use Starter lock plan administration software allows the owner of a lawyers‘ office, for example, to determine authorizations for each transponder, thus enabling them to issue fully personalized access to the office premises. The software also includes an access review function, which allows the owner to identify which users opened particular doors at particular times, an important security feature for many businesses. The key‘s validity can even be restricted in terms of time: for example, cleaning staff may only gain access to the office between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesdays. The software allows the administrator to set up a simple lock plan without complicated building sections and person groups. He or she only needs to enter doors and authorized access users. They do not need to attend long training sessions to learn how to configure a system because operation is intuitive.

Simple Retrofit
Anyone who wants to change over to this digital lock system will find it easy. SimonsVoss digital locking cylinders have no wiring and can be fitted without drilling holes. The only thing the user needs to do is measure the door thickness. If necessary, a specialist retailer can carry out quantity surveying. The same applies to installation and the lock plan configuration, including programming.

CEO Bernhard Sommer said: „We have been aware for a long time that there is a demand from doctors‘ practices, lawyers‘ offices or other small firms for a digital lock system providing greater access security for their premises. Until now, this target group was put off by the high cost and all the programming. That is why we are pleased to offer a streamlined solution that we have called ‚Starter-System‘, which meets the demand for a simple, low-priced system.“


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