2019 Trends in Mobile Access

24.06.2019 - Organizations increasingly want to create trusted environments within which they can deliver valuable new user experiences. A major driver is growing demand for the “digital cohesion” of being able to use smartphone apps to open doors, authenticate to enterprise data resources or access a building’s applications and services.

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Cloud technologies are a key piece of the solution. They give people access through their mobile phones and other devices to many new, high-value experiences while also enabling smarter, more data-driven workplace environments.

At the same time, a new generation of biometric fingerprint solutions is enabling higher levels of security and access control for secure environments.

Access control solutions based on cloud platforms will also change how solutions are deployed. Siloed security and workplace optimization solutions will be replaced with mobile apps that can be downloaded anywhere across a global ecosystem of millions of compatible and connected physical access control system endpoints.  These connections will facilitate new, more flexible subscription models for access control services.

Education, finance, healthcare, enterprise, and other niche markets such as commercial real-estate and enterprises focused on co-working spaces will benefit from a cloud-connected access control hardware foundation. There will be a faster path from design to deployment since developers will no longer have to create an entire vertically integrated solution. They will simply add an app experience to the existing access control infrastructure. New players will be drawn to the market resulting in a richer, more vibrant development community and accelerated innovation.

Data analytics will be a rapidly growing area of interest. Machine learning analytics will be used to generate valuable insights from today’s access control solutions. Devices, access control systems, IoT applications, digital certificates and location services that are all connected to the cloud will collectively deliver the data needed to give improved analytics and risk-based intelligence. As organizations incorporate analytics into their access control systems, they will improve security and personalize the user experience while driving better business decisions.

Mobile has become the go-to technology of the new millennium, offering convenience and portability. In light of this development, leveraging mobile technology to access doors, parking facilities and gates - not to mention networks, other enterprise applications and much more - is a logical step in the evolution of access control.

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