Airport Protection: Security Installation Examples

19.07.2022 - Audio and video technology customized for the unique architectural requirements of Chinese Mega-Airport

From a security perspective, airports are one of the most complex facilities to secure. There are many different requirements: From people flow and identity management to runway security and the complex’s expansive perimeter. Monitoring and securing vehicles inside and outside the building is another critical topic. Many thousands of visitors should be safe every day while criminal activity should be identified quickly. On top of that, alarm systems should reach all passengers, both acoustically and visually. In addition, employees on the premises must be taken into account in the security installation: Who is allowed to enter which door at which time? Simplictiy in a such complex scenario and premise is key.

Starting the overview with an architectural problem, in addition to the already existing highly complex building structure of airport facilities, Chengdu Tianfu Airport was equipped with a video and voice alarm system that had to fit into the architecture.

Chinese ‘Mega-Airport’ Chengdu Tianfu

Bosch has equipped the Chinese mega-airport Chengdu Tianfu International with video security, a PA and voice alarm system, and a conferencing solution, ensuring safety and security for passengers and airport staff as well as enhancing comfort and ease-of-use for travelers. Chengdu Tianfu International, in Sichuan province, serves China’s quickly booming ‘garden’ megacity, an emerging hub for commerce, culture, and finance – with the new airport pegged to be the third-busiest for airport traffic following Beijing and Shanghai. The installation of the audio and video technology was customized for the unique architectural requirements of the airport complex, including two terminal buildings that reference the ancient Golden Sun Bird totem unearthed in 2001 from Chengdu City’s Jinsha Ruins. Due to the unique design of the terminal buildings, ‘standard’ security cameras were not appropriate for installation as the ceilings were far too high for traditional solutions. Bosch Flexidome panoramic cameras were integrated into the interior design of the building and were either installed on walls or concealed within information boards. Each panoramic camera is able to monitor a semi-circle area with a radius of 25 meters, a detection range of 25 meters in distance, and with a 180-degree viewing angle. This allowed the airport to install far fewer cameras, cutting the total number down by 75% from 4,000 standard cameras for a typical project of this scale to 1,000 panoramic cameras – thus saving costs on the cameras as well as on wiring and installation.

Monitoring the Runway

In the flight area, the airport deployed four 4K-resolution Dinion IP cameras to monitor the runway. As this area of the airport is very long, stitching software is used to combine the images of these four cameras into one complete image, covering the entire runway and allowing Chengdu Tianfu to monitor the whole take-off and landing process.

Fujinon’s cameras are another example for security products that are suitable for long-range runway surveillance. The Fujinon SX801 camera system is a further development of the Fujinon SX800 with Full-HD resolution and a stabilized 40x zoom lens. Thanks to its powerful 1/1.8” image sensor, the long focal length range of 20 mm to 800 mm and state-of-the-art image processing technology, the Fujinon SX800 and SX801 are ideally suited for advanced long-range surveillance applications to protect critical infrastructure and transportation networks, including airports, harbors, highways, borders, and the environment. Unlike the Fujinon SX800, the SX801 can output three streams in parallel. It also comes with a new host software for easy configuration, playback and live streaming.

Challenges of Airport Perimeter Protection

When it comes to network video, Axis Communications, for example, has some more ideas and extra recommendations: Adding a network video-based system to traditional security measures provides highly reliable intrusion protection for the aerodrome with 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities. A combination of thermal technology and video analytics, detects and distinguishes actual intrusion risks from wildlife and other causes of false alarms. Further, security radars and PTZ cameras track movement and identify suspects. And when integrated with network speakers, pre-recorded or live messaging can be used to deter their advance. In addition to being highly effective, a modern video-based surveillance solution is cost-effective; one that can reduce the airport’s total cost of ownership (TCO) over time. To calculate the exact savings for any specific airport requires both a desk study and an on-site visit to determine equipment needs and installation costs.

Stansted Airport with CCTV for Parking

London Stansted Airport has installed Videalert CCTV enforcement cameras to eliminate the incidence of tailgating as drivers attempt to leave the drop off zones and short term car parks without paying. The cameras were switched on in February 2021 and were supplied as part of an ongoing contract with NSL, a UK  provider of parking enforcement services, which includes back office processing and debt recovery services. According to Steve Mills, Surface Access Manager – Landside Operations at London Stansted Airport: “NSL has provided us with a cost-effective enforcement solution that will enable us to rapidly achieve high levels of compliance, particularly in respect of the repeat offenders that try to avoid paying their parking charges. This has been a particular issue in short term car parks where people have routinely stayed two weeks without paying. The cameras will help us to eliminate lost parking revenues and improve safety for all passengers around the airport.”


Now, let’s take a look at some fences: CLD Fencing Systems, for example, offers profiled security rated and non-security rated Rigid Mesh Airport Fencing Systems, the Ultimate Extra and Ultimate Extra SR1 airport fencing system. Available in Heights up to 3.0m it features a unique mesh aperture of 165x25mm on 6mm nominal wires with 25mm top edge projection. Zaun is another provider for fencing systems with a wide range of solutions, suitable for use at airports. From high-security LPS1175 security-rated fencing and gate solutions to PAS 68, crash rated fencing, airport fencing is a core part of the company.

Helsinki Airport with Gates and Turnstiles

As another application scenario, we picked Helsinki Airport. Finavia relies on a robust security system: EntraQuick gates from Perimeter Protection Group. PPG enhanced the perimeter security around Helsinki airport with folding gates and Full-height turnstiles. On one hand, this was achieved by reducing the number of access points to the secured area. On the other hand, the existing access situation containing sliding gates combined with boom barriers was replaced by a more efficient and secure solution consisting of quick folding gates.

Perimeter Security Solution

Airport perimeter security solutions by Cias are an example for both, indoor and outdoor perimeter security, specialized in microwave and radar sensors. On the inside they can protect entrances, doorways etc. with internal transceiver sensors able to identify perimeter intrusions by using microwaves in small applications, and radar technology sensors. On the perimeter, they can be installed both on preexisting and new structures such as perimeter walls and fences. External security can also be reached by creating imperceptible open spaces through microwave barriers. They produce electromagnetic fields and can be further enhanced with the aid of additional sensors able to detect any kind of perturbing event, activating specific alert signals.


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