Assa Abloy and Nedap: Optimizing Access Control with Integration

29.01.2021 - Aperio wireless locks from Assa Abloy Opening Solutions now integrate seamlessly with the versatile AEOS access control by Nedap to bring a range of concrete business benefits. Optimizing access control with these battery-powered wireless locks can boost convenience for building users and help make better use of spaces.

Existing AEOS users can integrate battery powered Aperio devices to extend the reach of their system. Or, by combining Aperio with AEOS, users can build a cost-efficient, wire-free access control system from scratch. Aperio cylinders, escutcheons and locks with online or offline capability can be implemented alongside existing or new wired doors connected to AEOS. This gives security managers more control over additional rooms or other defined areas at their premises.

Seamless installation and secure integration
Devices from the Aperio lock range that integrate with AEOS include the  wireless handle H100, escutcheon E100, cylinder C100 and security lock L100. Aperio devices are available for almost any interior or exterior door, including wooden doors, glass doors and fire doors.

Because all Aperio locking devices are wireless, they can be installed quickly, without causing disruption to buildings or work schedules. One recent Assa Abloy benchmarking study finds labour costs for installation are over 80 percent less for wireless locks versus wired locks. There is also no inconvenience when it comes to identification: site users continue to gain access with the same credentials they were using before the integration.

Aperio online integrations can use different interfaces, like RS485 or IP. The locks are connected to AEOS via communication hubs that allow control of up to 16 locks each. Offline Aperio integration meets the important OSS-SO industry standard for offline access control, so customers have the freedom to choose the best devices to connect to AEOS. Facility managers can connect both online and offline Aperio devices interchangeably.

Improved flexibility and efficient management
These multiple integration options allow AEOS users to select the most appropriate locks - whether Aperio wireless or wired - for their specific requirements at each door.

“Assa Abloy’s Aperio wireless locks enable a complete access control solution using wireless technology,” says Christian Nagel, Nedap channel manager. “It enables us to offer a system with a high level of flexibility.” The AEOS control panel provides a powerful set of functions. It displays events for any Aperio device, including door and battery status, as well as tamper detection. The software enables full control and efficient management and eliminates unproductive tasks, including the need to duplicate data entry.

End-users benefit from cost-savings and real-time control
At Ghent’s Hospital Maria Middelares, Aperio locks combine with AEOS to protect staff, visitors, patients and confidential data, as well as medicines and valuable equipment. Around 700 doors are equipped with Aperiooffline locks. They are connected to AEOS, which controls every door, credential and user from a one interface, saving facility managers time and money. Staff and visitors open each door for which they’re authorised with their individually programmed Mifare credential.

Similarly, at Rotterdam’s 16,000-capacity Ahoy Arena, offline integration between Aperio and AEOS offered an affordable way to incorporate mechanically locked doors into an existing electronic security system. Facility managers at Ahoy extended access control without having to change card readers or control panels.

The Aperio and AEOS integration at InHolland University of Applied Sciences is online, giving security managers real-time control over their multi-site premises. More than 500 Aperio wireless door devices are deployed at seven separate campus locations. These battery-powered locks provide tested and trusted protection for the university’s most important areas, including offices and exam storage rooms.

“I am very satisfied with the implementation and operation of the Aperio solution,” says Frans Bruggeman, Facility Services Consultant at InHolland.

A short video by Assa Abloy explains the integration of Aperio and AEOS and how it aims to bring security and versatility to all kinds of premises. 


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