Authentication: focus on security

02.12.2021 - With the right know-how, the development and implementation of a sustainable and secure au-thentication solution with RFID will be successful.

Elatec Dezember 2021 EN
A whitepaper from Elatec provides information on the topic of security for authentication solutions (Image: Elatec)


Whether it's access to the office or the use of an electric charging station, modern authentication and access control solutions make everyday life easier. With the increasing use of RFID for object and person identification, the requirements for data security are growing. This is because automated programs can be used to identify and track an object or person and record, store or transmit sensitive information about their activities or movements. Legislators are therefore imposing strict requirements specifically for the protection of personal data.

For years, there have been controversial security discussions when it comes to data collection and storage. Against this background, data security is the top issue for every company security officer when implementing an authentication solution.

How can companies future-proof their security strategy for authentication solutions?

  • Observe legal requirements and regulations.
  • Understand protection goals related to data security and consider them as part of the security strategy.
  • Identify real or potential threat scenarios and make them the basis of the protection concept.
  • Always consider safety in relation to the overall system. Overall safety is only as good as the weakest link in the chain.
  • Effectively secure authentication systems with cryptographic methods.

Security officers should act with foresight. Elatec's whitepaper provides detailed answers to all questions about implementing a secure and efficient authentication solution.



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