Feb. 12, 2010

Axxon joins ONVIF

Axxon has joined the global open standards industry forum ONVIF. Axxon joins at the highest level as a full member at a time when the standards body has attracted more than 100 members and is going from strength to strength. ONVIF is dedicated to driving wider adoption of network video products through gaining agreement on standards for web services, IP configuration, device discovery, real-time viewing, event handling, PTZ control, video analytics streaming and configuration and much more. In the future ONVIF will also be able to test products for conformance with its agreed standards.

Luis Coello, EMEA business development director, Axxon, explained: "As a VMS provider it is essential that we make it easy for all vendors of all products, from a CCTV camera to an access control reader, to integrate with our system. Today we dedicate huge resources to ensure that relevant devices can feed into our VMSs. In the future ONVIF standards will make integration much easier, demanding much less vendor resources and driving down prices¨. Simon Harris, senior research director at leading industry analyst firm IMS Research, commented on the announcement: "Axxon's commitment to ONVIF makes absolute sense. ONVIF member companies now account for over 60% of the network video surveillance market so the organisation will be highly influential in the move to standards-based approach to physical security. We expect the introduction of ONVIF compliant products will accelerate the uptake of network video surveillance systems during 2010."

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