Jun. 29, 2011

AxxonSoft and Diebold announce the launch of a joint project

The leading provider of integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services, Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), and the leading provider of software solutions for security and video surveillance systems, Axxonsoft, announced the launch of technological cooperation project. In the framework of this project Diebold solutions for ATM network management are integrated with an ATM security system - Axxon ATM-Intellect - based on Axxon Intellect Enterprise multifunctional software platform.

With the ongoing growth of ATM networks, frauds have more opportunities to make illegal transactions, especially on ATMs that are not being constantly monitored for example on external free-standing terminals. The aim of this joint integration project is creation of an effective system that will provide a high level of security and will fully meet modern requirements. Even now Diebold is offering its customers ATMs equipped with Agilis® 3.0 EmPower applied software for different connection protocols together with Axxon ATM-Intellect system.

Axxon ATM-Intellect is a solution that helps provide complex security system to prevent from fraud activities and to manage ATM incidents. It allows more than recording a video archive of all transactions performed on each ATM, it can also synchronize video with data and readings of security sensors as well as perform real-time transmission of an alert signal to a remote centralized monitoring desk. Moreover, the solution allows making reports on all transactions, incidents, alerts and on technical condition of equipment and communication links.

"Our clients' and their savings' security protection as well as quality of service delivered by banks to their clients, who use our ATMs, are our priorities. Thanks to our collaboration with Axxonsoft we will be able to offer our clients a brand new product an ATM, equipped with one of the most comprehensive security and video surveillance systems," said Ivan Strigin, professional services director, Diebold Russia.

"Video surveillance system is one of the key elements of ATM and banking security. These systems help to protect both banks and their clients from fraud activities and error consequences.

Thanks to our vast experience in development of ATM security systems deployed at many different objects, we are now ready to offer customers an effective joint solution together with the leading ATM producer Diebold," said Andrey Kireev, product development director, Axxonsoft.


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